1. Installation

The installation section runs through how to get uberSVN installed and working on either a Linux or Windows server. We recommend that you check the following section before attempting an install on your chosen platform/OS.

1.1 Supported Operating Systems

All versions of uberSVN should be supported on the same platform list as the WANdisco Open Source binaries.

The current list of supported OS platforms includes:


Linux Hardware Requirements

Windows (32-bit and 64-bit)

Windows Hardware Requirements

Apple Mac

Apple Mac Hardware Requirements

1.1.1 System requirements

This table gives you some rough guidelines for specifying server hardware. It's common for administrators to focus on minimum requirements, which can lead to problems if you start running additional applications alongside Subversion.

Hardware Sizing Guidelines
Size #Users Repository Size (GB) CPU speed (GHz) #CPU #Cores RAM (GB) HDD (GB)
Small 10 5 2 1 2 2-4 100
Medium 50 50 2 2 2-4 4-8 100
Large 100 500 2.66 4 2-4 8-16 200
Enterprise 1000 500 2.66 4 4-6 16-32 500

Storage tips

Processor tips

Additional targeted platforms (in priority order) include:

Compatible browsers

The uberSVN portal runs through a web browser. The following browsers have been tested and found to work:

** Alert! **uberSVN is not compatible with Internet Explorer 6
While we understand that some potential users are still tied to Internet Explorer 6, we feel that the development resources required to make uberSVN work with IE6 would be better spent working on uberSVN itself, creating new, better features.

** Alert! **Glassfish compatibility
If you are running Glassfish you'll need to shut it down while installing uberSVN. Glassfish does work with uberSVN but during uberSVN's installation Tomcat will try to grab the same ports that are used by Glassfish.

1.2 Linux Installation Guide

Follow this procedure for installing uberSVN on Linux.

1.3 Windows Installation Guide

Follow this procedure for installing uberSVN on a Windows server.

** Alert! **Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration
The Windows Server 2003 and 2008 both ship with Internet Explorer that is locked down with Enhanced Security Configuration. By default Internet Explorer will now allow you to install uberSVN. Read our Knowledgebase article Installing uberSVN with IEESC

tip"It is recommended that you reboot your system as soon as possible after installing uberSVN

The reason for this reboot is to enable a registry change made by uberSVN during the install. This Windows registry change helps with stabilization of the SVN binary switch operation in uberSVN. A reboot does not have to be done immediately, but must happen before an SVN switch operation is attempted through the uberSVN interface.

1.4 Mac OSX Installation Guide

tip"From MAC OSX Lion, Apple no longer bundle the JRE package
If you install uberSVN on the latest versions of OSX you will see this error message:
Installation 01

Even if you upgraded to Lion on a machine that already had the JRE package installed, you'll need to install it again.

Installing Java JRE

Follow these steps if you see the Java 1.6.x is not installed error that is shown above. If you already have Java installed continue to Installing uberSVN.

Installing uberSVN