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SVN MultiSite (MSP) Plus Release Notes

These release notes are limited to the 1.6.x releases, only.
Notes for the latest version are covered here: Release Notes for SVN MultiSite 1.9

WANdisco SVN MultiSite Plus Release: 1.6.5 Build:34381

Date: 19 January 2017


  • Fixed a bug where in certain circumstances latency and packet loss can cause agreement hangs. (NV-3799)
  • Enabled additional agreement types to be skipped during a repair. (NV-5639)
  • Enabled Active Directory to return a partial result without causing a failure during login. (NV-5817)
  • Added detailed documentation of variables that can be used in e-mail templates for notification purposes. (NV-5886)
  • Fixed a bug where the "Commits made today" value was always 1 larger than actually occurred. (NV-5900)
  • Fixed a bug where adding a new node as "Voter only" would cause a panic requiring node removal/re-install. (NV-5902)
  • Repositories are now never removed by MSP, they are simply removed from replication. Customers will need to manually cleanup repository data left on disk if desired. (NV-5944)
  • Fixed a bug where SVN wildcard AuthZ would sometimes cause inappropriate permission denied. (NV-5962)
  • Fixed a bug where the "Reload" button would not work after repository repair. (NV-5966)
  • Fixed a bug where MSP could return an incomplete list of repositories to ACP causing, in turn, AuthZ failures. (NV-5995)
  • Fixed a bug where MSP could potentially hang during startup while rotating log files. (NV-5955)
  • Fixed ability to modify logging settings via the UI and REST API. (NV-6010, NV-6058)
  • Added documentation on proper repository removal from replication process when using MSP+ACP (See admin section for details). (NV-6029)
  • Fixed tar-ball installer with support for properly installed SVN binary versions. (NV-6043)
  • Fixed installation process when MSP is not running as a service. (NV-6060)
  • Fixed a bug that enabled the deletion of MSP notification destinations that were being used by notification rules. (NV-6070)
  • MSP now ships with a tool that enables post-installation implementation of SSL (svn-ms-replicator-cryptPassword.jar). (NV-6085)

Known Issues

  • Logging changes in MSP 1.6.5 will cause customized logging settings of the log4j.properties file to be lost during upgrade, and a new log4j.properties file will be created. The original file will remain in place in the properties directory but will have a time stamp appended to the file name. Any prior edits in this file should be reviewed and if applicable, updates made to the new file. (NV-6148)
  • When setting logging entries, the cache needs to be flushed manually for changs to be seen. (NV-6141)
  • MSP 1.6.5 cannot be upgraded to MSP 1.9.0, MSP 1.9.1 or MSP 1.9.2. It must be upgraded to either MSP 1.6.6 or MSP 1.9.3 (or above). (NV-6152)
  • During the UI installation process, if uploading an existing users.properties file please ignore the Invalid file type message if the alert Successfully uploaded users.properties is present in the top right hand corner. (NV-5647)
  • After an IP change the restart of a node can sometimes be significantly delayed. To avoid this the node can be manually restarted. (NV-6108)
  • If EMR is used to remove a node you may be left with a pending task of type tasksTypeREMOVE_STATE_MACHINE_TASK, if this is the case then: (NV-6050)
    1. Cancel the active/pending task (type is tasksTypeREMOVE_STATE_MACHINE_TASK)
    2. Restart the node where the pending task existed.

WANdisco SVN MultiSite Plus Release: 1.6.4 Build: 33659

Date: 6 June 2016

This release includes a number of fixes, including a file-system level change (NV-5746) that requires that any upgrade that you perform to the 1.9 product line, must go straight to version 1.9.2.

New Features

  • Now ships with Subversion 1.8.16.(NV-5829)


  • Now ships with fixed/updated Apache Collections 3.2.1.(NV-5813)
  • If pending transactions count is negative then the field is now red. (NV-5652)
  • Application startup script will now work properly if invoked by account that ACP is installed as. (NV-5723)
  • "No such transaction" messages have been eliminated from the dashboard. (NV-5725)
  • Commit failures eliminated after upgrade. (NV-5732)
  • "CheckRepositoryResultSuccessProposal" should not be used for event notification. (NV-5734)
  • The "fsfswd-txn-sequence" file has been eliminated. (NV-5746)
  • Fixed client credentials security issue.(NV-5853)

Known issues

  • During the UI installation process, if uploading an existing users.properties file please ignore the Invalid file type message if the alert Successfully uploaded users.properties is present in the top right hand corner. (NV-5647)

WANdisco SVN MultiSite Plus Release: 1.6.3 Build: 0031

Date: 14 March 2016


  • Fix rare situation where UI would not report sync stop had occurred. (NV-5660)
  • No longer report stale/failed consistency checks as latest results. (NV-5667)
  • No longer report stale GFR delivery status values. (NV-5668)
  • Now able to use a hyphen character in an SSL Certificate Alias. (NV-5670)
  • Fix false negative in consistency checking. (NV-5707)

Known issues

  • During the UI installation process, if uploading an existing users.properties file please ignore the Invalid file type message if the alert Successfully uploaded users.properties is present in the top right hand corner. (NV-5647)

WANdisco SVN MultiSite Plus Release: 1.6.2 Build: 33175

Date: 8 February 2016

New Features

  • Important: This version of SVN MultiSite Plus requires Subversion version 1.8.15-2. You can install this version of SVN through the SVN MultiSite Plus installer.
  • Important: This version of SVN MultiSite Plus now requires Java 1.7. JRE/JDK. (To be clear, Java 1.6 is no longer supported).
  • Enable customer to specify minimum disk size before replicator shutdown. (NV-5536)


  • Fixed bug causing "svnadmin hotcopy" to fail. (NV-5632)
  • Better checking for SVN version when installing via tarball. (NV-5514)
  • Unsidelining implementation, allowing administrators to choose to make a node's replica of a repository inactive (sidelined). This permits replication to continue for other repositories on the node, while the sidelined repositories will be repaired through an intervention, instead of being allowed to catch-up. (NV-744)
  • Smaller memory footprint for Consistency Checking of SVN locks. (NV-5532)
  • Fix log directory excessive path issue. (NV-5527)
  • Prevent Consistency Check from causing Out of Memory by restricting number of revisions. (NV-5551)
  • Fix notification rules display issue. (NV-5620)

Known issues

  • During the UI installation process, if uploading an existing users.properties file please ignore the Invalid file type message if the alert Successfully uploaded users.properties is present in the top right hand corner. (NV-5647)

WANdisco SVN MultiSite Plus Release: 1.6.1 Build: 32767

Date: 2 November 2015

New Features

  • Log file time stamps now resolve to milli-seconds to assist timing analysis. (NV-5027)
  • No longer require GRO during repository repair process (need check documented process too). (NV-5369)
  • Better examples of SSL keystore/truststore construction. Better wording and more examples for SSL config. (NV-5442)
  • Better performing default value for fsfs.in.memory.cache.size. (NV-5432)


  • Fixed installer so "unalias: cp: not found" error no longer occurs. (NV-5127)
  • Fixed installer so a number of "No such file or directory" messages no longer occur. (NV-5158)
  • Fixed tar-ball installer so that it will abort if wrong version of SVN is installed. (NV-5303)
  • Eliminated incorrect severe error when moving repo from one RG to another. (NV-5309)
  • Fixed permissions on sub-repository artifacts when repository created by MSP. (NV-5313)
  • Fixed installer to fail if more than one version of SVN is installed (not supported). (NV-5316)
  • We now need to document the specific release of SVN that is required for each MSP release. In this case 1.8.14-2. (NV-5361)
  • If a incompatible version of SVN is installed then the installer will error out; customer needs to manually remove the incompatible version and then re-run the installer. (NV-5372)
  • Fixed problem where Nodes page and Repositories page would not display if a repository had been sidelined. (NV-5373)
  • Fixed addition of repository to a new node so it completes quickly. (NV-5411)
  • If a repository is sidelined the the "Transactions" column will show as "-1". (NV-5386)
  • APR and APR_UTIL are available via a tar-ball for those customers using tar-ball installer onto a RHEL 6.5 using platform supplied Apache. (NV-5403)
  • Fixed addition of large repositories so their addition completes quickly. (NV-5411)
  • Fix documentation of repository repair to eliminate GRO step. (NV-5435)
  • Fix installer not to depend on "rsync" optional component. (NV-5441)
  • Fix required SVN version so python bindings work properly. (NV-5449)

WANdisco SVN MultiSite Plus Release: 1.6 Build: 32467

Date: 25 August 2015

New Features

  • This version of SVN MultiSite Plus is bundled with SVN 1.8.13. (NV-4947)
  • Made various improvements to the installer step that sets the server's Umask settings. (NV-4371)
  • The logging header will now include the server's hostname / full qualified domain name as well as IP address. (NV-4486)
  • The editing of a replication group now displays the same messaging that is displayed when creating a replication group. (NV-4769)
  • The installer will no longer timeout while waiting for the user entries. (NV-4927)


  • Fixed issue in node scheduler logic that resulted in incorrect handling of weekend changes. (NV-2438)
  • Fixed issue where adding a node with same node as a previously removed node would cause an error when viewing the Replication Group page. (NV-2460)
  • Now provide feedback during installation when a process is found already running on a selected port. (NV-2466)
  • Fixed an issue where spurious severe replicator log messages were generated when getting stats for packed repositories. (NV-2932)
  • Enabled auditor users to REST API calls required if deploying a load balancer. (NV-3497)
  • The logs now qualify whether a repository is sent offline automatically or through admin intervention. (NV-3283)
  • Fixed an issue where entering an error in the induction IP address field would prevent the induction from completing, even after correcting the error. (NV-4078)
  • We now filter warnings which occur when proposals are rejected because they have already been actioned. These warnings would occur in rare situations when changes are made to the replication changes at the same time, resulting in one set of changes being accepted and one set failing. (NV-4141)
  • No longer possible to start a consistency check on a repository that no longer exists. (NV-4273)
  • Fixed an issue where running a consistency check when there's no quorum would result in misleading results. Now running a consistency check without quorum will result in an appropriate warning. (NV-4275)
  • Fixed an issue where repositories moved from active to passive nodes would still appear to accept commits. (NV-4302) (NV-4299)
  • Fixed an issue that stopped the number of pending transactions from being correctly displayed on the Repository page. (NV-4304)
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in a null pointer exception that would happen if you tried to view an information page for a repository that had been removed from the replication group. (NV-4305)
  • Fixed an issue where a repository would be incorrectly show as inconsistent on the repository page, as a result of an earlier API-driven consistency check that was run while there was no quorum. (NV-4355)
  • SVN MultiSite Plus now SVN sequence numbers that are compatible with up-and-coming versions of SVN (starting with version 1.9). (NV-4392)
  • Fixed a minor error that stopped dashboard messaging from being decluttered by setting an item age threshold value in application.properties file.(NV-4463)
  • Fixed an issue where email notifications of an out of local repository disk space event are not triggered. (NV-4532)
  • Fixed issue where replicator would fail to start and generate a PANIC java.lang.AssertionError. (NV-4573)
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when changing memberships after the loss of a node. The resulting state could result in an endless cycle of restarts due to failing an assertion. (NV-4582)
  • The installer now better handles upgrades where Flume is not installed for handling auditing. The interactive installer now prompts for requirements instead of throwing an error. (NV-4599)
  • Fixed an issue that could in very rare circumstances result in an NPE during the induction of new nodes. (NV-4872)
  • Completed additional optimization to improve general performance of the admin UI. (NV-4809)
  • Email template now includes trigger and template for sending warnings about approaching expiration of product license. (NV-4840)
  • Improved grouping of email notification events in the drop-down selector on the admin UI. (NV-4859)
  • Licensing has been corrected to not require 2X licenses for customers running case sensitive environments. (NV-4861)(NV-5081)
  • Adding multiple repositories through the Admin UI will no longer cause you to be logged out. (NV-4864)
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading the product could break LDAP settings due to an mishandling of valid "&" characters. (NV-4873)
  • Made changes to support the use of Flowdock with Subversion MultiSite. (NV-4908)
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the mishandling of ** wildcard rules, resulting in permission errors. (NV-4898)
  • Information displayed on the dashboard is now correctly removed after the time period (Dashboard Item Age Threshold (Hours), set on the Settings screen of the admin UI. (NV-4910)
  • Increased Java heap for when Flume is installed. (NV-4918)
  • When deploying Flume for auditing: Fixed a conflict between competing "flume" service names. (NV-4932)
  • WANdisco's underlying DConE replication system includes a number of fixes for edge case problems. (NV-4923)
  • Permission errors on a repository now result in appropriate logging errors. Previously it was possible that a failure to complete a check on a repository would result in the test passing instead of being reported as incomplete. (NV-4936)
  • The repository repair system now permits for a retry of the initial helper process where all repositories are brought to a stop. (NV-4939)
  • Corrected attribution of automatic actions in logs. Previously some actions where appeared to have been done manually by an administrator when in fact they were automated actions kicked off indirectly by administrator actions. (NV-4978)
  • Removed stray newline characters "
" from email message templates. (NV-5040)
  • Unintended white spaces pasted into the data fields in the induction process no longer causes the induction to get stuck in pending. This issue was seen when testing in the Firefox browser, where using its native double-click to select feature would add a hidden tab character to the selected text. (NV-5048)
  • Improved handling of node locations on world map on the Nodes page, now allowing for locations that fell outside a previously set of latitude and longitude limits. (NV-5077)
  • Fixed error in handling flume installation that resulted in incorrect error messaging and could report a failed installation as successful. (NV-5083)
  • Admin UI "growl" message now correctly appears if an attempt is made to remove a node from outside its replication group. (NV-5087)
  • Installing SVN MultiSite Plus with Flume no longer fails if Access Control and Flume have already been installed. (NV-5102)
  • Scheduled consistency checks will correctly stop running when disabled in the admin UI. (NV-5109)
  • Fixed an issue where a replication group could appear ready, even if it was still pending if the node on which it was created was restarted. (NV-5132)
  • Incorrect error message no longer shows in the admin UI when trying to add a new repository to a replication group that has not yet been completed. (NV-5133)
  • We now verify that there isn't an ongoing bulk consistency check before allowing another to start. (NV-5144)

Known Issues

  • Changes to some SVN elements that come with version1.6 may invalidate data that is currently cached by either Apache or svnserve. For this reason, you should shutdown Apache and svnserve on all nodes before starting an installation or upgrade to version 1.6. Don't forget to restart the service once all nodes have been installed/upgraded. (NV-5256)
  • There is a minor issue with the IP/Host name entry field on the installer's Server Settings screen where the dropdown selector button doesn't appear if the browser window's size is reduced. (NV-5134)
  • There's currently an issue with installing SVN MultiSite Plus into an existing directory using the tar-based installer. If you set the installation path to be the same as a previous installation then the installer will fail with a message like:
    Install Error: Packaging directory is aldeady present at /opt/myInstall please remove before reinstalling.
    It's possible to work around this issue by installing SVN MultiSite Plus with the mounted file system unmounted. Then shut it down, move it out of the way (rename the install directory), create the mount-over directory, mount the file system, tar-pipe-copy the installed software from the renamed directory into the mounted directory.
  • It's currently not possible to set up SSL encryption using different passwords for the key and keystore. If different passwords are used, you will see a PANIC error log like the following:
    2015-02-12 16:25:39 ERROR [PanicHandler:handle] - main:[PANIC:
    java.security.NoSuchAlgorithmException: Error constructing implementation (algorithm: Default, provider: SunJSSE, class: sun.security.ssl.SSLContextImpl$DefaultSSLContext)

WANdisco SVN MultiSite Plus Release: 1.5 Build: 1964

Date: 1 July 2015


  • Fixed slow Content Delivery that could occur with a specific set of network conditions. (NV-4909)

Known Issues

  • Currently, you need to ensure that the Number of Revisions in Default Consistency Check are the same on all nodes before starting a check. This is important if you have edited the value in production and then add a new node, which will use the default value unless it is edited to match.

WANdisco SVN MultiSite Plus Release: 1.5 Build: 1845

Date: 21 May 2015


  • Fixed an issue in the transform tool which is used to handled database schema changes during product updates. In extreme cases, product upgrades could exhaust the Java Heap. We've now updated the transform tool so that it requires significantly less memory. (NV-4889) (NV-4856)
  • We've made improvements to the upgrade process to reduce the time that it can take to upgrade SVN MultiSite nodes on deployments with large numbers of nodes. (NV-4723)

WANdisco SVN MultiSite Plus Release: 1.5 Build: 1659

Date: 27 March 2015


  • Email notification is now triggered correctly for Local Read Only event. (NV-4686)
  • log-police.py no longer hangs when running outside of pre-commit. (NV-4687)
  • You cannot make a manual schedule change when a node is down. (NV-4709, NV-4741)
  • You cannot remove a node when a different node is down. (NV-4711)
  • When replicator panics, all nodes are present in the replication groups on return. (NV-4718)
  • Membership is correct when moving repositories to new replication group. (NV-4737, NV-4754)
  • You cannot "add node" when a node is down. (NV-4738)
  • You can "remove node" with a down node. (NV-4740)
  • Tasks complete and do not report as pending. (NV-4745)
  • Reinstalled nodes report connection when inducted. (NV-4749)
  • Unique rule IDs added to email log outputs. (NV-4752)
  • We have disabled SVN rep-cache in FSFSWD. (NV-4758)
  • Commit performance fixes have been made. (NV-4778)
  • System startup/shutdown script priorities have been corrected. (NV-4782)
  • We've made fixes to commit performance (Content Distribution). (NV-4797)
  • Documentation corrected to describe the upgrade process to enable more parallelism. (NV-4803)
  • Documented new Content Distribution tunable, content.max.idle.time. (NV-4804)
  • Fixed upgrade from MSP without Flume to MSP with Flume. (NV-4812)
  • You can now disable schedule from Replication Groups tab. (NV-4812)

Known issues

  • Default start and kill priorities are incorrect in SUSE 11. (DE562)
  • If you try to do an EMR on a node but everything still has quorum, then no nodes are reconfigured. The system then expects an EMR report from all nodes even though there is one node down, the one you want to remove. Do not use EMR in this situation. (NV-4700)
  • MSP installer exits with error when replacing existing SVN binaries. (NV-4755)
  • Consistency Check via UI does not return results for all nodes in the RG on the repository info page. (NV-4428)
  • LDAP filters must include "{0}" (a match to account attempting login). (NV-4682)
  • Currently a misspelled "content.push.policy" fails badly. (NV-4810)
  • GitMS installer fails if the user that runs GitMS does not have root .gitconfig. The workaround is to make the home directory and run the installer again. (NV-4788)
  • When the EMR beacon task completes, some pending tasks are left on the dashboard. Contact WANdisco Support. (PLAT-728)

WANdisco SVN MultiSite Plus Release: 1.5 (Build: 1364)

Date: 13 February 2015


  • We have upgraded to Platform 1.1.8. This release includes safeguarding the process of adding a replication group while a node is down. (NV-4662)

Known issues

  • When the EMR beacon task completes, some pending tasks are left on the dashboard. Contact WANdisco Support. (PLAT-728)
  • You cannot edit replication group schedules while a node is down. (NV-4701)
  • The replicator may stop work if, on upgrade, the Flume install var is set to a directory that is inaccessible, i.e. that cannot be written to by anyone, including root. (NV-4628)

WANdisco SVN MultiSite Plus Release: 1.5 (Build: 1129)

Date: 23 January 2015


  • MSP now checks that the name and path of new repositories are not already in use, and issues appropriate messages if they are. (NV-4642)

Known issues

  • The list of email template variables has expanded. We need to document these. (NV-4435)
  • There is currently a workaround issue with statistics information to enable extremely large repositories where there are a lot of revisions. This will be described in more detail in future. (NV-4637)
  • The replicator may stop work if, on upgrade, the Flume install var is set to a directory that is inaccessible, i.e. that cannot be written to by anyone, including root. (NV-4628)

WANdisco SVN MultiSite Plus Release: 1.5 (Build: 1071)

Date: 14 January 2015


  • The SVN binary build now pulls in RHEL5 execute scripts. (NV-4621)

  • CheckRepositoryAbortProposal now does not replay after completing, and therefore replicator panics are not caused. (NV-4613)

Known issue

  • The replicator may stop work if, on upgrade, the Flume install var is set to a directory that is inaccessible, i.e. that cannot be written to by anyone, including root. (NV-4628)

WANdisco SVN MultiSite Release: 1.4.1 (Build: 0630)

Date: November 7, 2014

WANdisco's SVN MultiSite Plus allows large, widely distributed development teams to truly work as if they are in the same location with continuous availability across the enterprise.

Available Packages

- Installer
- Your product license file (one per node)

System Requirements

Before you install this software you must ensure that you currently meet the necessary system, software and hardware requirements for running WANdisco SVN MultiSite Plus:


You can find detailed instructions on how to get up and running in our online Git MultiSite User Guide:

Upgrades from an earlier version

There are a number of different procedures for upgrading existing installations:
- docs.wandisco.com/svn/ms-plus/upgrade.html

Previous Release Notes

You can view the release notes for previous releases in the release notes archive:

New Features

  • Dashboard messages can now be hidden, individually or in bulk. (NV-4527)

  • Users with 'auditor' permissions can now make REST API calls to any load balancer that is part of the deployment. (NV-4528)

  • The email notification system now has more system variables available for use in messaging:
    - Node name
    - applicable repository event, e.g. Deploy Repository Succeeded, Repository now global or local read only.
    - Names the relevant repository that corresponds with an event
    - Passes the path of the resource that a data monitor is watching
    More information about email notification. (NV-4529)

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a null pointer exception when removing a repository through SVN MultiSite. (NV-4554)

  • Fixed an issue where the Audit installer doesn't ask for or properly set the recommended umask value. (NV-4467)

  • Fixed an issue where the SSL keystore alias was being used when SSL was enabled. (NV-4135)

  • Version 1.8.10-7 WANdisco's SVN binaries are now available for RHEL 6 server. (NV-4563)

  • Fixed the name of the property in the application.properties file that controls the time to live value of dashboard messages. The property is called "dashboard.housekeeping.item.age.threshold". NV-4563

Known Issues

  • When setting a repository to Global Read-only a message will appear through the UI that warns that the operation failed. Currently this message is appearing when the operation is actually successful. (NV-4549)

  • The installer currently doesn't check if you want to monitor Apache, sshd logs or input Apache Avro parameters. We'll ensure these are included in the installation in future release. Until then you can manually configure these elements by following the procedure Manual Setup for Audit logging. (NV-4593)