A REST resource defining the API for Access Control Plus search operations. Copyright 2017 WANdisco.

The following resources are part of this group:


Mount Point: /search


Retrieve search results


name description type default
queryEnforced "true" to query the current/enforced model, i.e. the model as it was the last time files where generated, "false" to query the pending/shadow model, i.e. the model as it will be when pending batch updates are eventually applied at some point in the future. Note that this query param is only applicable/relevant for when batched updates is enabled, if batch updates is disabled, this query param is ignored. query false
maxResults maximum number of entries to return query 10
username user to search for query
ruleName rule to search for query
teamName team to search for query
resourcePath affected resource to search for query

Response Body

element: searchresults
media types: application/xml

(no documentation provided)

Status Codes

code description
200 OK
404 Not found - see returned ExceptionDTO
400 Bad request - see returned ExceptionDTO
503 Service unavailable - see returned ExceptionDTO
401 Authentication required.
403 Authorization required - access forbidden