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SVN MultiSite Plus Release Notes

WANdisco SVN MultiSite Release: 1.4.0 (Build: 0434-LA)

Date: September 30, 2014

WANdisco's SVN MultiSite Plus allows large, widely distributed development teams to truly work as if they are in the same location with continuous availability across the enterprise.

Available Packages

- Installer
- Your product license file (one per node)

System Requirements

Before you install this software you must ensure that you currently meet the necessary system, software and hardware requirements for running WANdisco SVN MultiSite Plus:


You can find detailed instructions on how to get up and running in our online Git MultiSite User Guide:

Upgrades from an earlier version

There are a number of different procedures for upgrading existing installations:
- docs.wandisco.com/svn/ms-plus/upgrade.html

Previous Release Notes

You can view the release notes for previous releases in the release notes archive:

New Features

  • The consistency check tool, used to verify that repository replicas remain in sync between nodes, has a number or improvements. It's now possible to to select a number of revisions to check, rather than checking all. File system type and allocated ports are now included in the check, while svnadmin verify is now optional. (NV-4108)

  • The consistency check tool is now optional as part of a number of SVN MultiSite actions, including the deployment of repositories and or new nodes, scheduled role changes and repository repairs. (NV-4107)

  • We have added a garbage collection system to manage replicator tasks. This ensures that deployments that generate a very large number of tasks will not face performance penalties that could result from accumulated task data. (PLAT-581)

  • Garbage collection of replicator tasks can now be tweaked in terms of how often the garbage collection process runs and how old a task must be before it is cleaned up. Currently the default value for these settings is 96 hours. You can read how to modify the settings in the Admin Guide: - docs.wandisco.com/svn/ms-plus/admin.html#task-gc (NV-4206)

  • The installer now asks for a umask value to avoid repository permission problems that can occur if when umask defaults to 022. (NV-3949)

Fixed Issues

  • For deployments using Kerberos security, the loss of Kerberos service now results in an automatic fall back to the base login screen. (NV-3592)

  • Fixed an inconsistency in the way that consistency check results were displayed across our MultiSite products. Consistency checks are now triggered and their results shown on the applicable repository's profile screen. (NV-3864)

  • Changes have been made so that the ERROR level logging for the consistency checker is only applied once and only on the node instigating the consistency check. (NV-4187)

  • Fixed an issue with the create/deploy repository system where a repository is blocked from being added with an "Already exists" error message. The error was caused by residual state from an earlier failed attempt to add the repository that was not being cleaned up. (NV-3943)

  • Fixed the installer so that the error message that appears if git is not found on the node, a link is provided to the latest binaries. (NV-4085)

  • Fixed an issue that could cause an assertion failure when attempting to delete a repository. (NV-4160)

  • Fixed an error in the RepositoryProfileManagedBean which could result in a "Woah" error message when trying to view a repository's profile screen. (NV-4217)

  • Fixed an error that would likewise cause an error when trying to view the profile screen of a newly added repository. (NV-4144)

  • When adding a repository, SVN MultiSite Plus now only checks read/write permissions on lock files if the lock files are actually present. (NV-4136)

  • Fixed an issue where the SSL keystore alias was being used when SSL was enabled. (NV-4135)

Known Issues

  • There's a minor issue that currently affects the first attempt to log into the admin UI which results in a HTTP 401 error. This is caused by the presence of a cookie from an earlier version of the product on your server. Simply refresh the browser session to work around the problem. (NV-3968)

  • The "Start Repair Process" button in the repository repair tool is slightly misaligned. (NV-4279)

  • TWhen adding a new repository, clicking the option to add the repository in a Global Read-only state will be ignored, adding the repository in the default manner. (NV-4292)

  • TYou will receive a consistency error if you run a consistency check when there is no quorum. Consistency checks cannot verify consistency without a quorum so shouldn't be run when there isn't a quorum. (NV-4275)

  • TThe listed module versions on the Settings tab still show the "testng-depgraphs" module with the version "test". The module was used for the graphing on the dashboard widgets, which have now been removed from the product. (NV-4280)

  • It may be possible to commit to a repository on a passive node (which should not be possible) if the repository has been moved from a replication group with a membership that didn't feature any passive nodes. (NV-4299)

  • There's an issue where the admin UI repository screen will show an empty list if you view it at the same time that a consistency check or global consistency has been started. (NV-4250)