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SVN MultiSite Plus Release Notes

WANdisco SVN MultiSite Release: 1.4.1 (Build:0630)

Date: November 7, 2014

WANdisco's SVN MultiSite Plus allows large, widely distributed development teams to truly work as if they are in the same location with continuous availability across the enterprise.

Available Packages

- Installer
- Your product license file (one per node)

System Requirements

Before you install this software you must ensure that you currently meet the necessary system, software and hardware requirements for running WANdisco SVN MultiSite Plus:

Important: Please be aware that SVN MultiSite does not support 32-bit operating systems.


You can find detailed instructions on how to get up and running in our online SVN MultiSite Plus User Guide:

Upgrades from an earlier version

There are a number of different procedures for upgrading existing installations:
- docs.wandisco.com/svn/ms-plus/upgrade.html

Previous Release Notes

You can view the release notes for previous releases in the release notes archive:

New Features

  • None in this release

Fixed Issues

  • We've removed the product version number from the setup screens - this would show the installer's version rather than the version of SVN MultiSite Plus that you're installing. This correct version is provided when you run the installer script, it's also listed in the "VERSION" text file provided in the install files. Once installed you can confirm the version on the Settings tab.(NV-4420)

  • Fixed an issue with the installer where the option to set the SVN MultSite to start automatically on a server reboot was being set up in all situations, even when not selected during the installation. This would only impact customers with very unusual deployments with multiple instances of MultiSite on the node. In this case later product upgrades would break the elements this multi-replicator setup.(NV-4393)

  • We've improved support for customers who need to run multiple instances of SVN MultiSite Plus on the same nodes. (NV-4313)

  • We've fixed a problem affecting customers who use the tarball installation option (not recommended). Now, the admin UI package will be correctly updated after a product upgrade.(NV-4420)

  • The documentation now clarifies that prior to performing an induction (of a new node) you must ensure that consistency checker settings are uniform across all nodes. (NV-4377)

  • We've made a number of improvements to how the installer handled Umask settings. We list the Umask value at the end of the installation for the user to confirm. During product upgrades the installer no longer prompts you for Umask settings. However, If you are installing for the first time and elect to use the non-interactive installation then you need to add the following command to the start script:
    export MSP_UMASK=022

Known Issues

  • When managing SVN MultiSite Plus through its REST API you need to be aware that tasks returned by ReplicationGroupResources don't cover the entire operation. The workaround is to build into your scripts any checks for necessary condition such as the completion of an induction or the successful adding of a new repository. (NV-4405)