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1. Statements on Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures

WANdisco constantly monitors the possible impact of common vulnerabilities and exposures on all its products. See the WANdisco Community website for the latest ALM Product CVE Statements.

2. Release

Version: Build: 6214
Release: 15 July 2019

  • NV-7523 Debian 9 is now fully supported. Both types of installers are available (both ".sh" and "tar-ball").

No other operational changes were made to this release.

Known Issues

  • NV-7582 Known Issue: SystemD unit files will be delivered into /lib/systemd/system as required on Debian 9.

  • NV-7606 Known Issue: If using Flume monitoring of Apache log files in conjunction with MSP 1.10.1 on Debian 9, must fix up the Apache log file name.

  • NV-7591 Known Issue: To completely remove MSP packages must use "apt-get purge"

  • NV-7585 Known Issue: To completely remove Subversion packages must use "apt-get purge libsvn1"

3. Release

Version: Build: 36157
Release: 10 May 2019


  • NV-6909 - MSP 1.10.0 now supports Subversion 1.10.4 plus patch to enable AuthZ parsing compatibility with pre-1.10 allowing empty groups.

  • NV-6933 - The Subversion "rep-cache" is now fully supported (turned off in MSP 1.6.0). The rep-cache prevents adding multiple copies of the same exact file to the repository (it uses a reference to the original instead). If your repository is very large, to reduce it will require an out-of-service period where a dump/load must be done. Please contact WANdisco support for more information.

  • NV-6972 - The "resequence" command was fixed to properly handle the case of all revisions in a packed shard require resequencing.

  • NV-7009 - Fixed a bug where accounts would be created inappropriately during use of the "svn lock" command.

  • NV-7119 - Fixed a rare SVN Skel Parsing bug that could cause an uncaught NPE.

  • NV-7153 - SUSE/SLES can now be installed using the tarball installer.


  • NV-7035 MSP 1.10.0 now requires Java 8 (Java 7 is no longer supported). Both Oracle JDK and OpenJDK are supported.

  • NV-7170 - MSP 1.10.0 now supports SLES 12SP4.

  • NV-6083, NV-6703 - New installation procedure: please see Installation Steps for more information.

  • NV-5714 - Require setting SystemD “TasksMax” to be >= 65536 on CentOS/RHEL 7 and SUSE 12. The value should match that chosen and configured for NPROC for the system account that MSP runs as.

  • NV-6155 - Can now obtain a complete list of environment variables from installer to enable silent install, e.g.

    ./svn-multisite-plus.sh – --printvars
  • NV-6882 - EULA acceptance has been removed from MSP as it is now covered by EULA acceptance during software download.

  • NV-6980 - SystemD unit files are now always deployed on CentOS/RHEL7 (except tar-ball installer).

  • NV-7161 - All known compatibility issues with MSP and Enversion have been solved.

  • NV-7339 - Non-interactive install requires new variables. See Non-interactive Installation.

  • NV-6997 - MSP will depend on the deprecated "net-tools" package for one final release.

UI Improvements

  • NV-3679 - Fixed bug causing incorrect display of Replication Group node roles at different nodes (due to timezone differences).

  • NV-4249 - The repositories page can now properly sort on the "Local RO" and "Status" columns.

  • NV-4956 - It is now possible to remove a repository without having to repair it first.

  • NV-5924 - Repository repair complete button is now session scoped so will be available when the admin navigates back to the repair window. If the session is lost then the REST API must be used to complete the repair (or the repair started over).

  • NV-6583 - Faster repository stop operation on helper node for replication groups with large number of repositories.

  • NV-6765 - The replicator will now show the local IP address before exiting because the IP was not in the license data.

  • NV-7010 - It is now possible to query account information for numeric-only accounts.

  • NV-7197 - Fixed a rare race condition that could require repository repair.

Error handing/logging

  • NV-5228 - A proper growl message will be displayed if requesting the creation of a repository that is already on the filesystem.

  • NV-5307 - License check failure due to IP address not being in license will now display the IP address(es) found for the local node.

  • NV-5629 - MSP will now panic if the delegate port is in use by another process.

  • NV-5961 - Repository creation failures due to directory permissions issues are now easier to diagnose.

  • NV-5977 - There is now a warning not to navigate away from the repository repair screen until the repair is complete since you can still get in trouble if you lose the session.

  • NV-6061 - Better error message when trying to move a repository to a new RG when the new node is the managing node (need to move the managing node first to a node where the repository already exists).

  • NV-6489 - Better Growl message when attempting to create a repository that already exists within MSP.

  • NV-6558 - Consistency check processing now cleans up "*.svn_locks.txt" files.

  • NV-6763 - Better Growl message when adding a repository with an incorrect file system path.

  • NV-6499, NV-7045 - More and better feedback will be found in the “fsfswd.log” file when SSL properties are not set correctly.

  • NV-6523 - Talkback will now checks MSP admin account credentials early and exits with an error message if they are incorrect.

  • NV-6751 - Notification message for disk space monitoring has been made clearer:

    Disk space should not lower than 1024MB: threshold=1073741824, current capacity=10540500

    has been changed to

    Current disk space is in WARNING range: current 1014.79MiB < threshold 1024MiB.

    Please check your scripting to make sure any required changes are made.

  • NV-7169 - Specific notification events have been deprecated. For more information see Events and variables.

  • NV-7288 - On upgrade, the “log4j.properties” file will be overwritten with new, required, settings. A copy of the prior version will be preserved. If you had made changes to that file you will need to manually update the new file.


  • NV-6800, NV-6801 - Performance work needed to scale to 25K repositories.


  • NV-5186 - License checking needed a few fixes: it now occurs every 10 minutes and warnings start 10 days before expiration with 1 warning/notification generated per day, per execution.


  • NV-5262 - REST API repository creation request is rejected if there is a trailing slash ('/') in the repository name.

  • NV-7008 - There is now a REST API endpoint that can tell how many nodes remain to be sync-stopped See Coordinated Stop All Progress.

  • NV-7284 - Stack traces are no longer sent to REST API clients (they’re still in “fsfswd.log” file) by default. Application property can enable. See Suppressing Stack Traces from REST API returns for more information.

  • NV-6189 - A new REST API endpoint was added "/api/replicationGroups" that does the same thing as the now deprecated version "/api/replication-groups" except that it returns structure names that match the corresponding POST operation (i.e. “replicationGroup” instead of “replicationgroup”).


  • NV-6530 - Flume SSL passwords are now encrypted in main.conf


  • NV-7296 - When upgrading to MSP 1.10.0 the environment variable WD_SYSTEMD_TASKSMAX must be set to 65536 or larger. This variable and its value will be preserved in the “main.conf” file for subsequent updates.

[[2.10-known]]Known Issue

  • As per the Subversion 1.10 Release Notes section on Wildcards, if 2 entries of either user, alias or group are in the same section then the most generous rights will be selected. This is different from SVN 1.9 where the rights from the physically last entry would be selected. Access Control Plus generated AuthZ files will not be impacted by this issue.

  • NV-7455 - Under rare circumstances during induction a replicator will PANIC and be restarted. When it comes back up there will be failed tasks but the induction will be proper and complete.

  • NV-7458 - CentOS/RHEL replicated Subversion binaries do not include Ruby bindings. This issue will be fixed in a future release. Note that the SLES packaging does include the Ruby Bindings.

  • NV-7467 - When importing an exported security settings file the display will be empty. However, if the "Import" button is clicked then the import will succeed. The display will be fixed in the next version of Subversion MultiSite Plus.

  • NV-7466 - The "tarball" release packaging for MSP 1.10.0 is missing the "wd_updateinetaddress.jar" file that enables customers to change multiple IP addresses at the same time. This jar is used very infrequently (most customers have never used it). If it is needed it can be obtained from WANdisco customer support.

3.1. Software versions required or supported

The tested versions are listed below, we support these and higher patch levels:

  • RHEL 6.8

    • Red Hat 6 requires the RHEL Server Optional repository to be enabled in Red Hat Network.

  • CentOS 6.8

    • See Red Hat note above.

  • RHEL 7.3

  • Centos 7.3

  • SLES/SUSE 12.2

    • Service Pack 2 must be used.

  • JDK 8 is Required (JDK7 is no longer supported).

    • Both Oracle and OpenJDK are compatible.

We don’t support SVN MultiSite Plus on 32-bit architecture because this would impose serious limits on scalability. You must deploy on a 64-bit OS.

During install you are asked which user and group you want to run SVN MultiSite Plus as. On Ubuntu this change does not apply system-wide, so some files have the default group set. This is not a problem, but something to consider when deciding on your OS.

Required software versions:

  • SVN 1.10.4+

Other software versions:

  • Python - 2.7 or later

Browser compatibility:

The following browsers are used in testing:

  • Firefox 55 or later

  • Google Chrome 60 or later

The latest versions of these browsers can also be used:

  • Internet Explorer

  • Safari

  • Opera

4. Previous SVN MultiSite Plus releases

For Release Notes and documentation for earlier versions of SVN MultiSite Plus, see SVN MultiSite Plus Release Notes