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Metered billing

Deployment costs start at USD 0.00 a month plus your costs for Azure infrastructure. LiveData Migrator includes the following:

  • Free use for up to 5TB of data migrated.
  • $0.099 for each GB of data migrated beyond 5TB.
  • $0.001 for each changing operation that LiveData Migrator for Azure performs against your target storage.

You will be billed based on:

  • The amount of data transferred.

    The amount of data that is moved to/from the source Hadoop and the Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen2 account. This includes the amount of data transferred or migrated in each migration, and any subsequent live data.


    Live data after the migration is any data that is added to the source Hadoop cluster and then moved to the target Azure storage.

  • The number of transactions.

    Specific actions taken by LiveData Migrator. LiveData Migrator is metered for transactions across all migrations. This includes pre-existing data and subsequent live data. Migrations for files and directories are counted as individual transactions. The following count as one transaction each:

    • File creation.
    • Directory creation.
    • Deleting a directory that includes content. If you delete individual files, each deletion of a file counts as one transaction. However, if you delete a directory containing many files, this counts as one transaction (and not multiple).
    • File appends and renames.

    For example, migrating pre-existing data of 1000 files counts as 1000 files. If there are 1000 files with 10 directories in that data set, 10010 transactions are counted.

Contact the WANdisco sales team to learn more about LiveData Migrator for Azure pricing.