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Version: 2.3

Configure a Google Cloud Storage target

You can migrate data to a Google Cloud Storage bucket by configuring it as a target filesystem for Data Migrator.

Follow these steps to create a Google Cloud Storage target:

Configure a Google Cloud Storage target filesystem


You need the following:

Configure a Google Cloud Storage target filesystem with the UI

  1. Connect to the UI.

  2. From the Dashboard, select an instance under Instances.

  3. In the Filesystems & Agents menu, select Filesystems.

  4. Select Add target filesystem.

  5. Enter the following details:

    • Filesystem Type - The type of filesystem target. Select Google Cloud Storage.
    • Display Name - Enter a name for your target filesystem.
    • Bucket Name - Enter the name of your Google Cloud Storage bucket.
    • Key File Options - Select whether to upload a JSON or a P12 key file to authenticate to your Google Cloud Storage bucket. Drag and drop your key file into the box below or select Browse to browse your system for it.
      • Email Address - If you chose Upload P12 Key File, enter the email address for your Google account.

    Data Migrator imports Google Cloud Storage credentials from your JSON key file, stores them internally as configuration properties, then removes the file.

  6. Select Save. You can now use your Google Cloud Storage target in data migrations.

Next steps

If you haven't already, configure a source filesystem from which to migrate data. Then, you can create a migration to migrate data to your new Google Cloud Storage target.