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Version: 2.3

Welcome to Data Migrator and Edge to Cloud

Cirata® provides a software solution to migrate data at petabyte scale. The product includes the following solutions and provides a variety of features to meet the data transfer use cases.

Cirata® Data Migrator automates the migration of Hadoop data and Hive metadata at scale and with no business disruption even as the data is under active change.

Cirata® Edge to Cloud transfers Internet of Things (IoT) and file data at massive scale across edge systems, data centers, and public clouds to activate the data for AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

This user guide addresses both the Data Migrator and Edge to Cloud solutions in a single set of Data Migrator documentation.

Target integrations currently include:

The Data Migrator solution detailed in this product user guide describes how to use the features in your environment without any downtime required, or risk of data loss.

While the User Interface contains helpful hints on migrating static and changing data, we recommend you read this guide to prepare for installing Data Migrator and to begin automatically migrating your data and metadata.

For more detailed information on edge cases, check out our knowledge base articles on the Support Portal.

Read the release notes to get the latest information about the current version of Data Migrator.


If you're using a previous version of Data Migrator, use the numbered dropdown at the top right of this page to get the correct version of the user guide.

Get started

Ready to use Data Migrator? See the prerequisites to prepare your environment for installation and successful data migrations. Once set up, you're ready to install Data Migrator.