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Version: 2.3

Configure a mounted NAS source

You can migrate data from a Mounted Network-Attached Storage (NAS) by configuring it as your source filesystem for Data Migrator.


Data Migrator doesn't support live migrations for mounted NAS sources.

Configure a mounted NAS source filesystem with the UI

  1. From the Dashboard, select an instance under Instances.

  2. In the Filesystems & Agents menu, select Filesystems.

  3. Select Add source filesystem

  4. Select Mounted Network-Attached Storage (NAS) from the Filesystem Type dropdown list.

  5. Enter the following details:

    1. Display Name: Enter a name for your source filesystem.
    2. Mount Point: The filesystem directory path to use as the source filesystem. You can migrate any data in the mount point directory.

    Your NAS must be mounted on the server hosting Data Migrator. For example: /mth/path.

  6. Select Save.

Configure a mounted NAS source filesystem with the CLI

To create a mounted NAS source, run the filesystem add local command in the CLI:

filesystem add local

Add a mounted NAS source filesystem with the Hadoop Compatible File System (HCFS) API.
filesystem add local    [--file-system-id] string
[--fs-root] string
[--properties-files] list
[--properties] string

Mandatory parameters

  • --file-system-id The ID to give the new filesystem resource. In the UI, this is called Display Name.

Optional parameters

  • --fs-root The directory in the filesystem to scan for data. Should be supplied using the full directory path from the root.

If no fs-root is specified, the file path defaults to the root of your system.

  • --source Enter this parameter to use the filesystem resource created as a source. This is referenced in the UI when configuring the Unknown source.
  • --scan-only Enter this parameter to create a static source filesystem for use in one-time migrations. Requires --source.
  • --properties-files Reference a list of existing properties files.
  • --properties Enter properties to use in a comma-separated key/value list.


Mounted NAS filesystem as source
filesystem add local --file-system-id mytarget --fs-root ./tmp --source

Next steps

Configure a target filesystem to migrate data to. Then create a migration.