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Version: 2.3

Local source filesystems

Add local fs source with the UI

  1. From the Dashboard, select an instance under Instances.
  2. In the Filesystems & Agents menu, select Filesystems.
  3. Select Add source filesystem
  4. Select Local Filesystem from the Filesystem Type dropdown list.
  5. In the Display Name field. Enter a name for your source filesystem.
  6. In the Mount Point field. Enter the local filesystem directory path to use as the source filesystem. You can migrate any data in the Mount Point directory.
  7. Select Save to add the source filesystem.

Local filesystems don't provide change notifications, so Live Migration isn't enabled for local filesystem sources.

Add local fs source with the CLI

Add a local filesystem as either a migration target or source using the filesystem add local command.


filesystem add local --file-system-id myFileSystem --fs-root ./tmp --source

See the command reference for all options when using the filesystem add local.