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Git MultiSite Release Notes

WANdisco Git MultiSite Release: Build: 6f8cc8db

Date: 2 August 2016


  • This release requires special WANdisco modified Git 2.7.4 binaries on the server. (NV-5793)
  • Git MultiSite 1.7.2 uses


  • Notification email will now be sent upon License Expiration (7 days before grace period ends).(NV-5019)
  • User license limit reached SEVERE message changed to request administrators to contact WANdisco. (NV-5630)
  • Fixed Apache Commons Collections security issues (version 3.2.1). (NV-5813)
  • Fixed an issue that may have caused a crash during log file rotation. This issue applied only to nodes that had gone through an upgrade. (NV-5964)

WANdisco Git MultiSite Release: Build: b0677d33

Date: 31 March 2016

New requirements

  • C-Git version 2.7.0 now required. (NV-5650)
  • Upgrade C-Git to 2.7.0 and J-Git to 4.1.1. Note: "atomic push" feature is not supported at the moment. (NV-5597)


  • Fix World Map display to show expected nodes. (NV-4542)
  • Repository Page will now display Repository ID (GUID). (NV-4542)
  • All nodes are now selectable when replication group list is longer than drop down list size. (NV-5453)
  • The "talkback" command will now request where to put the output file. (NV-5467)
  • Automatic "git gc" when packfile is larger than configurable size. (NV-5477)
  • Failed deployment repositories now show desired replication group in UI. (NV-5516)
  • Additional hardening to prevent corruption during disk full event. (NV-5518)
  • Dashboard now shows consistent Replication Group for Read Only repos. (NV-5522)
  • Fix bug where repository size units were being reported incorrectly (e.g. "Mi" instead of "MiB"). (NV-5592)
  • Prevent repository from going LRO on all nodes by rejecting conflicting reference push. (NV-5607)
  • Fixed installation of upgraded Flume files on SLES 11.3. (NV-5615)
  • Better error handling for ref prefix clashes. (NV-5616)
  • Talkbacks now contain proper VERSION information for GitMS. (NV-5619)
  • Sync stop now available after node removal. (NV-5660)
  • SSL Certificate Aliases now allowed to have embedded hypen character. (NV-5670)
  • All known upgrade paths have been fixed to succeed. (NV-5695)
  • git-multisite startup/shutdown script will now work if non-root acount uses recommended "service" command. (NV-5723)
  • It's now possible to change the threshold used to trigger low disk space warnings. You can set the following values in the application.properties, then restarting the replicator. See Tunable Settings. (NV-5657)

Known Issues

  • A current restriction: "Replication does not support "--atomic" option to "git push". (NV-5643)

WANdisco Git MultiSite Release: 1.7 Build: f6a8cef0

Date: 7 January 2016

New features

  • Added ability to unsideline a sidelined repository through the admin UI. (NV-744)
  • Logging added when SSL handshake to other replicators fails. (NV-2969)
  • Repository removal is now logged. (NV-3845)
  • Git repository Consistency Check now displays repository name instead of GUID. (NV-4052)


  • REST API documentation updated. (NV-4311)
  • Removed repositories are now properly garbage collected. (NV-4474)
  • Email notifications for low repository disk space will now occur. (NV-4532)
  • Installer will now warn if port is in use. (NV-4578)
  • We have removed the "replicator restart" event from notification as it wasn't possible to implement it there. (NV-4686)
  • Only one password is prompted for during install for use for both key and keystore. (NV-4710)
  • The installation path is displayed by the tar-ball installer when confirming settings. (NV-4871)
  • Increased default java heap setting for Flume; customers may need to adjust upwards depending on their usage. (NV-4918)
  • Flume version updated to 1.6.0. (NV-4938)
  • Log file format updated to include milliseconds since epoch. (NV-5027)
  • Installer fixed not to emit spurious "unalias: cp: not found" message. (NV-5080)
  • Unattended upgrade fixed. (NV-5120)
  • Early check that replicator is running in installation process. (NV-5217)
  • Fixed NPE that could occur if regex file not configured during setup. (NV-5223)
  • Document Git hooks and replicated Git hooks. NV-5253
  • Warning now logged if Content Delivery directory is not writable. NV-5329
  • Stand-alone licensing is now properly enforced with warning notifications. (NV-3816)
  • Allow customers to set warning level threshold for remaining user allowance in product license. See License User Limit. (NV-5346)
  • Administrators can now set a higher minimum file space before a forced replicator shuts down. (NV-5366)
  • Fixed bug that prevented sidelined repositories from displaying in Repositories and other UI pages. (NV-5382)
  • If Pending Transactions is "-1" then it will be colored RED instead of the default green. (NV-5430)
  • REST API fixed to return taskId during repository deletion request. (NV-5433)
  • Remove installer dependency on "rsync" command. (NV-5444)
  • Installer modified to require JRE 1.7 or later. (NV-5459)
  • Fix "rp-git-update" to cleanup after failures. (NV-5471)
  • Fix a number of bugs and race conditions during repository repair process. (NV-5490)
  • Fixed race condition in consistency checking that could show old results. (NV-5497)
  • Fixed location issue with UI log files. (NV-5527)
  • Repository size displayed in UI is computed as the "sum of bytes of all files". (NV-5590)
Required Git technologies
JGit, the Java library from Eclipse, and C-Git, the fast web interface for Git are both required by Git MultiSite. Specifically, the following version of each:
  • JGit version
  • C-Git version 2.3.1-262.replication

Known issues

  • Clarification concerning the behavior of our replicated post hooks
    Standard Git hooks have their stdout tied to Git, so that the output of the script is forwarded to the client making the push. In the case of Git MultiSite, stdout/stderr cannot be sent to the client making the push for the replicated post-hooks since there is no client connection. Normal Git post-hooks work the same as they do in an unreplicated Git deployment. (NV-4478)

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