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Git MultiSite Release Notes

WANdisco Git MultiSite Release: 1.6 Build: eba41260

Date: 24 September 2015


  • Removed spurious warning from installer during upgrade. (NV-5094)
  • Fixed possible null pointer exception error during replicator startup if an unfinished task is detected. (NV-5141)
  • Fixed Debian packaging. (NV-5146)
  • Added logging to transaction skip processing. (NV-5269)
  • Fixed possible deadlock during transaction processing. (NV-5291)
  • Fixed an error in the installer that would reset the system umask value. (NV-5300)

Known issues

  • There's a known issue with Git running on MacOS where repositories have the hash "#" in their name. This will cause operations, such as Git Clone to fail as any characters after the "#" is ignored. (NV-5280)

WANdisco Git MultiSite Release: 1.6 Build: c4ef8477

Date: 22 July 2015


  • Git MultiSite is now bundled with the latest stable version (2.3.1) of Git. (NV-4061)
  • In Git MultiSite 1.6 the functionality for tiebreaker nodes changes slightly. After upgrading from an earlier version of Git MultiSite, if you make a change to a replication group that has an odd number of voter nodes, including a change to the schedule, any tiebreaker nodes will now lose their special tiebreaker designation. Tiebreaker nodes are now only available when there is an even number of nodes, along with the corresponding risk that a vote could be evenly split between voters. Note that this change is not applied after upgrading to Git MultiSite 1.6 but only after you then alter the an applicable replication group. (NV-5069)


  • Install will now exit if Flume install directory is not writable. (NV-5102)
  • Talkback will now work when SSL is enabled. (NV-5066)
  • Content Delivery fixed in corner case. (NV-5007)
  • Fixed upgrade not to damage notification template. (NV-4975)
  • Non-critical message now hidden from dashboard. (NV-4970)
  • Fixed some UI performance issues. (NV-4937, NV-4809)
  • Application dependency issue fixed on SuSE-11.3 OS. (NV-4932)
  • Fixed "space character" issues in repository creation due to copy/paste in Firefox (NV-4920, NV-4843).
  • Failed Consistency Check will now mark repository Global Read-Only. (NV-4912)/li>
  • Dashboard will now clear stale information about Read-Only repositories. (NV-4910)
  • Fixed a null pointer exception crash in the replicator when removing a repository (NV-4906)
  • Fixed a replicator crash when rp-git-update is called with inappropriate arguments. (NV-4891)
  • Fixed an issue in the transform tool which is used to handled database schema changes during product updates. In extreme cases, product upgrades could exhaust the Java Heap. We've now updated the transform tool so that it requires significantly less memory. (NV-4889, NV-4856)
  • Fixed upgrade causing LDAP configuration parameters to be corrupted. (NV-4873)
  • Fixed replicator PANIC bug. (NV-4864)
  • Eliminate doubling of license requirements for Case Sensitive accounts. (NV-4861)
  • Better grouping for notification event types. (NV-4859)
  • Add ability to receive notification for license due to expire. (NV-4840)
  • Some UI slowness causes fixed. (NV-4809)
  • Ownership/permissions on parent directory of product installation directory no longer changed. (NV-4769)
  • Minimize transaction size in a special case. (NV-4765)
  • We've made improvements to the upgrade process to reduce the time that it can take to upgrade Git MultiSite nodes on deployments with large numbers of nodes. (NV-4723)
  • Fixed replicator crash due to inappropriate action during replicator outage. (NV-4582)
  • Notification now sent when repositories enter or leave Global Read-Only or Local Read-Only state. (NV-4531)
  • Consistency check now displays node name instead of UUID. (NV-4469)
  • Pending transactions value now appropriately updated. (NV-4304)
  • Git MultiSite 1.6.0 is built using the latest stable C-Git (2.3.1) and J-Git (3.4.2).

Known issues

  • When upgrading to Git MultiSite 1.6, an error message is generated:
    cp: cannot stat '/tmp/selfgz1482610151/resources/backup': No such file or directory
    This error can be ignored, the temp directory is deleted during the upgrade. (NV-5094)
  • There is a minor issue with the Node IP/Host name entry field on the installer's Server Settings screen where the dropdown selector button doesn't appear if the browser window's size is reduced. (NV-5134)

WANdisco Git MultiSite Release: 1.5 Build: fffe441e

01 April 2015


  • Email notification is now triggered correctly for Local Read Only event. (NV-4686)
  • log-police.py no longer hangs when running outside of pre-commit. (NV-4687)
  • You cannot make a manual schedule change when a node is down. (NV-4709, NV-4741)
  • You cannot remove a node when a different node is down. (NV-4711)
  • When replicator panics, all nodes are present in the replication groups on return. (NV-4718)
  • Membership is correct when moving repositories to new replication group. (NV-4737, NV-4754)
  • You cannot "add node" when a node is down. (NV-4738)
  • You can "remove node" with a down node. (NV-4740)
  • Tasks complete and do not report as pending. (NV-4745)
  • Reinstalled nodes report connection when inducted. (NV-4749)
  • Unique rule IDs added to email log outputs. (NV-4752)
  • When replicator panics, all nodes are present in the replication groups on return. (NV-4718)
  • Membership is correct when moving repositories to new replication group. (NV-4737, NV-4754)
  • JGit has been updated. (NV-4768)
  • Commit performance fixes have been made. (NV-4778)
  • System startup/shutdown script priorities have been corrected. (NV-4782)
  • We've made fixes to commit performance (Content Distribution). (NV-4797)
  • Documentation corrected to describe the upgrade process to enable more parallelism. (NV-4803)
  • Documented new Content Distribution tunable, content.max.idle.time. (NV-4804)
  • You can now disable schedule from Replication Groups tab. (US1423)

Known issues

  • umask value overwritten during upgrade. (DE547)
  • Duplicate function definitions in installer. (DE470)
  • NV-4682: LDAP Authorities Leaking Authentication. (DE472)
  • Bulk remove node API client code should live in VCS not Git/MSP specific. (DE531)
  • No logging when committing to an AV in an AV-A replication group when the A node is down. (DE593)
  • AUTO_RETRY string not showing in logs, replaced by actual error. (DE599)
  • NV-4794: Unable to modify membership. (DE610)
  • Split Brain situation after EMR gone bad. (DE504)
  • Spam potential for LRO notifications. (DE532)
  • SUSE Init script default kill priority and unsafe shutdown. (DE562)
  • Offline terminology still used in places in MSP & GitMS. (DE585)
  • Help links not redirecting to specific section on page. (DE586)
  • 'java.lang.ArithmeticException / by Zero' issue after upgrade. (DE588)
  • NV-4798: Upgrade from Flume GitMS to latest build with Flume - missing prompts. (DE603)
  • Failed T28504: Cannot commit to git repo after change of ip. (7)
  • Cannot install git binaries on Debian as relies on libc that is not compatible. (DE613)
  • NV-4793: Race condition between a task being registered with its parent and being added to the TaskManager. (DE591)
  • NV-4788: GitMS installer fails if the user that runs GitMS does not have root .gitconfig. The workaround is to make the home directory and run the installer again. (DE509)
  • Suppress talkback error messages for get_rpm/deb_version and acp. (DE479)
  • Fall back on form log-in after kerberos AuthN fails REOPENED. (NV-3592)

WANdisco Git MultiSite Release: 1.5 Build: 7f61050d

Date: 23 January 2015

Known issues

  • The list of email template variables has expanded. We need to document these. (NV-4435)
  • The replicator may stop work if, on upgrade, the Flume install var is set to a directory that is inaccessible, i.e. that cannot be written to by anyone, including root. (NV-4628)

WANdisco Git MultiSite Release: 1.5 Build: 2c867240

Date: 14 January 2015

Known issue

  • The replicator may stop work if, on upgrade, the Flume install var is set to a directory that is inaccessible, i.e. that cannot be written to by anyone, including root. (NV-4628)

WANdisco Git MultiSite Release: 1.5 Build: 38ac1a14

Date: December 16, 2014

WANdisco's Git MultiSite allows large, widely distributed development teams to truly work as if they are in the same location with continuous availability across the enterprise.

Available Packages

- Installer
- Your product license file (one per node)

System Requirements

Before you install this software you must ensure that you currently meet the necessary system, software and hardware requirements for running WANdisco Git MultiSite:

Important: Please be aware that Git MultiSite does not support 32-bit operating systems.


You can find detailed instructions on how to get up and running in our online Git MultiSite User Guide:

Upgrades from an earlier version

There are a number of different procedures for upgrading existing installations:
- docs.wandisco.com/git/ms/1.5/upgrade.html

Previous Release Notes

You can view the release notes for previous releases in the release notes archive:

New Features

  • Dashboard messages can now be hidden, individually or in bulk. (NV-4470)

  • Users with 'auditor' permissions can now make REST API calls to any load balancer that is part of the deployment. (NV-3126)

  • The email notification system now has more system variables available for use in messaging:
    - Node name
    - applicable repository event, e.g. Deploy Repository Succeeded, Repository now global or local read only.
    - Names the relevant repository that corresponds with an event
    - Passes the path of the resource that a data monitor is watching
    More information about email notification. (NV-4471)

Fixed Issues

  • Flush your browser cache If you are reinstalling and using SSL then you should clear your browser cache before you continue. Previous SSL details are stored in the cache and will cause SSL errors if they are not flushed. NV-4269

  • When setting up Apache for use with your Git deployment, ensure that you create the git-http-backend wrapper script. See http://docs.wandisco.com/git/ms/1.5/admin.html#wrapper script NV-4343

  • We now suppress the "ReplicationGroupNotFoundException" exception which made it difficult to add large numbers of repositories through automation scripts (via the API). (NV-4473)

  • We've not dropped support for the JDK 6. If your deployment is still running with this end-of-life version of Java you should contact WANdisco support for advice on upgrading to JDK 7. (NV-4378)

Known Issues

  • The installer currently doesn't check if you want to monitor Apache, sshd logs or input Apache Avro parameters. We'll ensure these are included in the installation in future release. Until then you can manually configure these elements by following the procedure Manual Setup for Audit logging. (NV-4593)