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User Guide

Welcome to the User Guide for Gerrit for Git MultiSite.

1. What is Gerrit

Gerrit is an open source code review tool that works with Git. When equipped with Git and Gerrit, software development teams have a solid workflow for centralized Git usage where code changes can be submitted by authorized users, reviewed, approved and automatically merged in, greatly reducing the work load of the repository maintainers.

Read more about Git MultiSite on the WANdisco website.

2. Using this guide

This guide describes how Gerrit Code Review is installed and integrated with WANdisco's Git MultiSite. It does not replace Gerrit's own documentation on the general use of Gerrit. You can find Gerrit's own documentation from the Gerrit web UI.
Gerrit link
Gerrit documentation link

Some Gerrit operations are handled by Git MultiSite's admin UI. Where applicable, we link to these operations in the Git MultiSite documentation.

3. Get support

See our online Knowledgebase which contains updates and more information.

We use terms like node and replication group, and define them in the Glossary. This contains some industry terms, as well as WANdisco product terms.

For more information about MultiSite and WANdisco's replication technology see the Git MultiSite Technical Guide.

If you need more help raise a case on our support website.

4. Give feedback

If you have feedback about the product or the documentation, raise a case on our support website or email docs@wandisco.com.

5. Note the following

In this document we highlight types of information as follows:

The alert symbol highlights important information.

Tips are principles or practices that you'll benefit from knowing or using.

The STOP symbol cautions you against doing something.

The KB symbol shows where you can find more information in our online Knowledgebase.

6. Release Notes

Read the Release Notes for the latest information about the current release, including lists of new functionality, fixes, and known issues.