Upgrade LiveData Migrator

LiveData Migrator for Azure comes with an update shell script, which can be found at /opt/wandisco/upgrade_ldma.sh by default. You can run the script on your HDFS edge node to check for available package updates or to install them.

Check for updates#

To check for available updates to LiveData Migrator packages:

  1. Perform a dry run of the update shell script by running it with the -d parameter:

    /opt/wandisco/upgrade_ldma.sh -d
  2. Check the output. For example:

    [DRY RUN] No changes will be made
    Checking for packages to upgrade
    Updates available for the following packages
    livedata-gateway.noarch 0.2.19~SNAPSHOT-1 fusion-repo.wandisco.com_fusion-internal-yum_rhel

    In this example, there are updates available for the packages listed. If there are no updates available, no packages will be listed.

Update LiveData Migrator for Azure#

To perform all available package upgrades for your LiveData Migrator for Azure instance:

  1. Run the update shell script:


    You can also upgrade LiveData Migrator for Azure as a custom user.

  2. When asked "Are you sure you want to upgrade these packages? y/N", enter "y" and submit.

    The upgrade process will:

    • Upgrade the packages to the new versions
    • Restart the LiveData Migrator services
  3. Optionally, check for updates again to ensure the update was successful and no further updates are available.


You must update to version 1.16 of LiveData Migrator for Azure before you can update to later versions. If you're running a previous version, run /opt/wandisco/upgrade_ldma.sh to update to 1.16, and then run it again to update to the latest version.

Upgrade LiveData Migrator for Azure as a custom user#

To upgrade LiveData Migrator for Azure as a custom user and custom group, run the install script with custom --user and --group parameters:

./install_ldma.sh --user <custom user> --group <custom group>

Next steps#

When you've updated LiveData Migrator for Azure, you can continue migrating data as normal.