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Upgrade data transfer agents

To upgrade to the latest version of the data transfer agent, download and run a new installer (see install an agent). After upgrading, the agent version is updated automatically in the Azure Portal.

If you've got only one agent, there's a short period of time when the agent version and the LiveData Migrator for Azure version don't match. This may temporarily affect your filesystems or migrations until the versions are matched. To prevent any disruption to migrations, stop all data migrations before you upgrade. Resume stopped data migrations manually after the versions match.

If you've got multiple agents, don't upgrade them all at once. When upgraded agents match the LiveData Migrator for Azure version and resume transferring data, you can continue to upgrade the other agents. This way, upgrading to a newer version of your agents won't affect your filesystems or migrations. Any migrations that are in progress continue transferring data as normal.

After upgrading, old agent values in the vars.env file are replaced by new ones, and new properties are added to the end of the file.

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