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Supported sources and targets


When you configure LiveData Migrator for Azure to transfer data from a source, you must select one of the following migration types:

  • Live
    After LiveData Migrator for Azure performs an initial content scan, it moves existing data to the target. Any changes made to the source filesystem are migrated in real time using the notification system defined for this storage.

    You must have an event stream set up in your environment as detailed below. Expand the sections below to learn more about which event streams work for the sources and LiveData Migrator for Azure.

  • One-time
    LiveData Migrator for Azure scans the existing source data once and migrates the data to the target. After the data is transferred, the migration is complete and no further changes are migrated. See how to Create a one-time migration.

  • Recurring
    Recurring migrations let you continuously scan for changing data if your source doesn't support or isn’t configured to support notification-based live changes. Existing data on the source will be replicated to the target, then the migration scan will be repeated to discover new changes. See how to Create a recurring migration.

  • No event stream is required for one-time migrations.
  • One-time migrations are only available for data migrations.

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) as a source

The HDFS source is the one present on the LiveData Migrator for Azure node. The filesystem is linked using the key added during installation and then connects to LiveData Migrator for Azure when you provide Kerberos credentials. On test deployments that aren't Kerberized, adding the installation key from the Azure Portal ensures that the source is connected.

LiveData Migrator for Azure reads inotify events from a HDFS cluster's NameNode to track changes to data on the filesystem.

TargetSupported migration types
ADLS Gen2Live migration
One-time migration
Recurring migration


Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (ADLS Gen2) as a target

Select a target filesystem below:

Migration typeSupported target filesystems
Data migrationsADLS Gen2
Metadata migrationsDatabricks
Microsoft Azure SQL Database