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Variables and where to find them

LiveData Migrator for Azure uses various parameters you can find on your Azure portal. Alternatively, see the Microsoft docs to learn how to find details with the API.

  • --resource-group <resource_group> -g <resource_group>

    • Your Azure resource group. For example, QA-wandisco1.
    • This will always refer to the resource group that your LiveData Migrator resource group resides in.
  • --location <azure_region> -l <azure_region>

    • The Azure region of your LiveData Migrator resource group. For example, westus. See the network guide for a list of currently supported regions.
  • --storage-container <container_name>

    • The name of your Azure storage container. For example, democontainer.
  • --storage-managed-identity <managed_identity_id>

    • The managed identity to use for your storage account. For example, /subscriptions/EXAMPLE-SUBSCRIPTION-ID-1/resourcegroups/GRP-user.name1/providers/Microsoft.ManagedIdentity/userAssignedIdentities/myuserid.

    • The following command in Azure CLI will return the <managed_identity_id> as id:

      az identity list --resource-group <resource_group>

  • --storage-access-key <storage_key>

    • The access key for your storage account.

    • The following command in Azure CLI will return this as key1:

      az storage account keys list --resource-group <resource_group> --account-name <storage_account_name>