Create a one-time migration

One-time migrations do not track activity in your data during a migration. If you create a one-time migration, your LiveData Migrator instance will not scan your source storage for updates to the data as the migration progresses.

A one-time migration does not write a marker file to the source storage. Once the scan of the source completes (to determine which files and directories are to be migrated), the migration will enter a COMPLETED data migration state and won't perform any further scans.

  1. In the Azure Portal, navigate to the LiveData Migrator resource page.
  2. From the LiveData Migrator menu on the left, click Migrations.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Complete the Basic details:
  5. Click Next: Migration Settings.
  6. Complete the Migration settings:
    • Target Action Policy: overwrite all the content (Overwrite) or only migrate new content that isn't already there (Skip).
    • Automatically Start Migration: start the migration right away, or start it manually later.
    • Enable Live Migration: change this option from the default 'Yes' to 'No'.
  7. Click Review and create.
  8. Click Create.

Your created one-time migration will display the parameter Live Migration: No in the migration overview.