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Network architecture

LiveData Migrator

The following diagram shows how LiveData Migrator for Azure facilitates data migration to Azure cloud storage.

LiveData Migrator for Azure - Network Architecture

The Azure virtual network needs to connect to the on-premises network. For more information about port requirements, see the network requirements guide.


What's happening in the above diagram:

  1. LiveData Migrator establishes an outbound connection with the Apache Camel messaging protocol.

  2. This connection uses the encrypted port for Advanced Message Queueing Protocol (AMQP) to communicate with LiveData Migrator for Azure.

  3. LiveData Migrator for Azure sends messages to the LiveData Migrator API in a bidirectional connection through the AMQP message broker.

  4. Any resulting communications sent from the LiveData Migrator installation (such as a data transfer in migrations) go outbound, directly to the target storage.