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LiveData Migrator for Azure allows you to conduct continual, live bulk migrations from data sources to Azure.

What is a migration?

LiveData Migrator allows you to migrate data in a single pass while keeping up with all changes occurring in the source zone. This results in guaranteed consistency between source and target at the completion of the migration.

LiveData Migrator uses a single scan iterator which visits every source file once and once only, replicating data from the source to the target zone. This ensures the target has a complete copy of the data. If data is changed which the iterator hasn’t seen yet then the change will simply be picked up when the iterator reaches that content and replicated to the target environment. If changes occur in an area which has already been scanned by the iterator then LiveData Migrator transfers the change as soon as it occurs. The result is a completely consistent data copy at the end of migration.

You can manually trigger a migration whenever you are ready to begin.