Understand migration metrics

LiveData Migrator for Azure's metrics page offers a visual overview of your data and metadata migrations.

To access the page:

  1. In the Azure Portal, navigate to your LiveData Migrator's resource page.
  2. On the Overview screen, select the Monitoring tab.

Here you can view charts displaying different data and metadata migration metrics for the selected time period (1 hour by default). Select any chart for more details.

Data migration metrics#

LiveData Migrator for Azure transfers data at two different stages.

  1. A new migration will scan the source filesystem for files to transfer to the target and transfer them immediately. This migrated data is referred to as the "initial scan data".
  2. Data changed on the source is migrated to the target in real-time. This data is referred to as "live data". One-time migrations don't process live data.
Initial Scan Data Migrated in BytesThe total bytes of initial scan data migrated across all migrations.
Live Data Migrated in BytesThe total bytes of live data migrated after the initial scan.
Total Migrated Data in BytesThe total number of bytes successfully transferred by the migrator in all migrations. Includes both initial scan data and live data.
Files Migration CountThe total number of files migrated. This includes the initial migration of files and any file updates that are transferred to the target filesystem.
Directories Created CountThe total number of directories created on the target side across all migrations.
Number of Excluded PathsThe total number of all files and directories excluded from migrations. See changing your exclusion rules for more information.
Number of Failed PathsThe total number of files and directories that have failed to transfer.
Total TransactionsThe total number of data-changing operations performed by the migrator. Useful to estimate billing.
Migrator CPU LoadThe percentage of available processing power used by the migrator.
System CPU LoadThe percentage of available processing power used by the migrator and all other processes.
Bytes per SecondThe rate of data migration in bytes per second.

Metadata migration metrics#

Similarly to data migrations, metadata migrations transfer items at two different stages. The initial scan transfers metadata files present on the system when the migration begins, and later transfers any metadata items discovered after the initial scan.

Initially Discovered Hive ItemsThe number of items discovered during only the first scan of a metadata migration.
Initially Migrated Hive ItemsThe number of metadata items migrated as a result of the initial scan.
Items Added After ScanThe total number of new metadata items added to metadata migrations after initial scans.
Discovered Hive ItemsThe total number of metadata items discovered at the source, both during and after initial scans.
Migrated Hive ItemsThe total number of metadata items migrated, both during and after initial scans.