Manage bandwidth

By default, LiveData Migrator uses all the available bandwidth on the host on which it's installed to migrate data as quickly as possible. However, you can manage the bandwidth usage by setting a limit in the Azure Portal or the Azure CLI.

  1. In the Azure Portal, navigate to the LiveData Migrator resource page.
  2. From the top bar menu, select Bandwidth Management.
  3. Select the Set Manually radio button.
  4. Enter a number of bytes per second, and select the intended data transfer rate. For example: 5000 with KB/s selected will limit LiveData Migrator's bandwidth consumption to 5000 KB/s (equivalent to 5 MB/s).
  5. Click Submit.

To update the bandwidth limit, repeat the process.

Supported migration rate units#

The following units are supported for bandwidth limit configuration:

B/sBytes per second.
KB/sKilobytes per second.
MB/sMegabytes per second.
GB/sGigabytes per second.
TB/sTerabytes per second.
PB/sPetabytes per second.