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LiveData extension for Azure CLI

Use the LiveData extension to deploy and manage LiveData Migrator for Azure resources through the Azure CLI.

Before you start

If you haven't already, install the Azure CLI and make sure it's up to date. Next, make sure you have all of the following prerequisites for the LiveData CLI extension, depending on your operating system:


  • Python3-pip: Run apt-get install python3-pip.
  • Python3-dev: Run apt-get install python3-dev --fix-missing.
  • Gcc: Run apt-get install gcc --fix-missing.


  • Python3-pip: Run yum install python3-pip.
  • Python3-dev: Run yum install python3-devel.
  • Gcc: Run yum install gcc.

Miscellaneous prerequisites

These are dependencies that you may need in some cases regardless of the operating system. You can install each of them with pip.

  • Azure CLI: Run pip install azure-cli.
  • Pip tools: Run pip install pip-tools.
  • Cryptography: Run pip install cryptography.

Use pip or pip3 depending on your distribution.

Install the LiveData extension

  1. Ensure your Azure CLI version is up to date. For example, the pip version must be above 10.

    Run the az login command to check access is working for your Azure subscription.

  2. Use the following command to download and install the LiveData extension.

    az extension add --source

    You can confirm the extension has been installed by running:

    az extension show --name livedata

Update the LiveData extension

Remove the LiveData extension and then add it again to update it to the latest version:

az extension remove --name livedata
az extension add --source

The az extension update --name livedata command is currently unsupported.

Next steps

Check the network requirements for your source environment. See LiveData extension commands for a list of available Azure CLI commands.


If you are having problems, see the LiveData extension section of the troubleshooting guide.