LiveData Platform for Azure

WANdisco LiveData Platform for Azure works seamlessly within Azure to help you migrate data in days vs months or years to exploit the power, capabilities and economics of the Microsoft Azure environment. Our patented Distributed Coordination Engine ensures data consistency, accuracy, and accessibility across all environments; on-premises, hybrid (on-premises and cloud), hybrid cloud, multi-region or multi cloud. LiveData Platform for Azure represents the foundation and underlying platform for all LiveData services delivery now and in the future with Microsoft.

LiveData Platform for Azure

LiveData Migrator for Azure#

LiveData Migrator for Azure is a fully self-service data migration solution requiring no WANdisco expertise. Deep integration with native Azure resources provides users with a seamless Azure-native experience and enables users to begin migrating Hadoop data to Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen 2 in just a few minutes.

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LiveData Plane for Azure#

LiveData Plane for Azure solves the exponentially growing challenge of keeping unstructured data available and consistent across diverse environments regardless of geographic location, architecture, on-premises and cloud environments.

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