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Delete and uninstall LiveData Migrator

To completely remove LiveData Migrator for Azure, you need to delete the resource in the Azure Portal and uninstall the LiveData Migrator deployment from your on-premises cluster.

Delete a LiveData Migrator resource

You can delete a LiveData Migrator resource in the Azure Portal or in the Azure CLI.

If you delete a resource group in Azure Portal, any LiveData Migrator resources contained in that resource group are deleted too.

Azure Portal

To delete a LiveData Migrator resource in the Azure Portal:

  1. In the Azure Portal, open your LiveData Migrator for Azure resource.
  2. Navigate to the Overview panel.
  3. Select Delete and confirm.

This deletes the migrator and any nested child resources.

Azure CLI

To delete a LiveData Migrator resource in the Azure CLI, run the following command:

az livedata migrator delete --migrator-name <migrator_name> --resource-group <resource_group>

Data transfer agents

Delete any data transfer agents installed as part of a deployment. See Delete data transfer agents.

Uninstall LiveData Migrator from an on-premises cluster

To remove your on-premises LiveData Migrator installation, run the following command on the system you installed it to:


When you run the uninstall script, it asks you to confirm the directories and packages it will delete before it deletes them. To skip the confirmation, add the -y parameter to the command.