Delete and uninstall LiveData Migrator

Delete a LiveData Migrator#

Delete a LiveData Migrator from Azure once you have completed migrating data and metadata. You can delete the LiveData Migrator in the Azure Portal or using the Azure CLI. If you delete a resource group in Azure Portal, any migrators contained in that resource group are deleted too.


Ensure your migrations are completed before deleting LiveData Migrator. If migrations are running when you delete a LiveData Migrator from Azure, the migration stops at an arbitrary point, and your on-premises component and migrator will be out of sync. If this happens, restart the migration(s).

Azure Portal#

Delete a LiveData Migrator resource in Azure Portal as follows:

  1. Navigate to the LiveData Migrator resource overview.
  2. Select Delete and confirm. This deletes the migrator and any nested child resources.

Azure CLI#

Delete a LiveData Migrator resource by running the following command in Azure CLI:

az livedata migrator delete --migrator name <Migrator_name> --Resource-group <Resource_group>

In the event that the on-premises components of the LiveData Migrator have already been uninstalled and do not respond, note that all the Azure LiveData Migrator resources will still have been deleted. Uninstall the on-premises LiveData Migrator as described in the following section.

Uninstall LiveData Migrator from an on-premises cluster#

Uninstall any remaining on-premises elements of the LiveData Migrator after deleting it by running this command on your on-premises cluster edge node where you originally installed LiveData Migrator for Azure: