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Version: 1.22.0 (latest)

Manage metadata changes

Once you have connected your metastores, manage how metadata changes are detected by selecting a preferred operation mode when editing a metastore agent.

Listening (Default)Listen for changes in real time if supported by your source environment.
ScanningPeriodically scan source metadata for changes.

If your source environment does not support Listening mode, Data Migrator will use Scanning as the preferred operation mode.

Listening mode requirements#


Listening mode is supported for CDP 7.1.7 only, with support expected to expand in upcoming versions. See HVM listener event type limitations for more information.


Users for any Hadoop version other than CDP 7.1.7 must select Scanning mode. For information on other Hadoop versions, contact support.

To enable Listening mode, you must have:

  • A supported version of Hadoop. See the latest release notes for more information.
  • Listeners enabled on your cluster.

Enable listeners#

Listeners are enabled by default in CDP 7.1.7.

You can confirm that listeners are enabled for an agent using the hive agent check command.

If enabled, the response will show listenersEnabled: "true".