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Version: 2.5.4 (latest)

Install Data Migrator via Google Marketplace

Ready to install? Ensure you have reviewed the prerequisites, then follow these steps to get up and running with Data Migrator.

Cirata provides two marketplace listings on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Ensure you have purchased and received a license and installer via the Cirata Data Migrator: Effortless data integration listing before deploying the VM image via the Data Migrator VM.

Deploy VM and install Data Migrator

  1. Once you've received a license and installer, go through the Data Migrator VM listing and deploy the VM.

  2. With the VM deployed, edit the Instance, and ensure network connectivity to HTTP/HTTPS is selected to view the UI.

  3. On your on-premise host, make the installation script executable and install as the root (or sudo) user with the --core-only flag:

    chmod +x &&  ./ --core-only
  4. Ensure network connectivity from on-premise is configured with ports that can communicate with the UI deployed with your network administration team. You can find which ports must be available on our network requirements page.

  5. Check the status of each service: Run the following command for each of the services listed below.

    systemctl status <service name>

The service names are: livedata-migrator, and hivemigrator.


If your system is running without systemd see the alternative service management commands when running without systemd.

Next steps

Once Data Migrator is running, you're ready to get started.