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Version: 1.22.0 (latest)

Configure the WANdisco CLI

Using a custom truststore (WANdisco CLI)#

Use the following steps to create a custom truststore in the WANdisco® CLI. This will secure connections between Hive Migrator and Data Migrator.

  1. Create a file:

    vi /example/filepath/my-wandisco-cli
  2. Add the following lines to the file, replacing <path to truststore> with the location of your truststore and <password> with your truststore password.

    export LIVEDATA_MIGRATOR_OPTS="<path to truststore><password>”
    /opt/wandisco/livedata-migrator-cli/bin/livedata-migrator -hostname <FQDN>
  3. Save the file.

  4. Make the file executable:

    chmod +x my-wandisco-cli
  5. Run the CLI:

  6. Connect to Data Migrator:

    connect --host <FQDN> --ssl

If using a FQDN instead of localhost, ensure you can access the API functionality by completing the steps linked below: