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Version: 1.21.0

Uninstall Data Migrator

Stop all active migrations

Before you uninstall Data Migrator, stop all active data and metadata migrations.

  • To stop all data and metadata migrations with the UI, view the migration.

  • To stop all data migrations with the CLI, run the stop migration command:

    migration stop --name <name>
  • To stop all metadata migrations with the CLI, run the stop metadata migration command:

    hive migration stop all

Uninstall any remote agents

If you have deployed any remote agents (for target metastore connections), sign in to the hosts for the remote agents and uninstall them using the following commands as the root (or sudo) user:

  1. Stop the service:

    service hivemigrator-remote-server stop
  2. Remove the remote server package:

    Red Hat/CentOS
    yum remove -y hivemigrator-remote-server.noarch
    apt-get purge -y hivemigrator-remote-server
    SUSE 12
    zypper remove -y hivemigrator-remote-server
  3. Delete all related directories:

    rm -rf /etc/wandisco/hivemigrator-remote-server /var/run/hivemigrator-remote-server

Uninstall Data Migrator

Run these steps as the root (or sudo) user to uninstall Data Migrator:

  1. Stop all Data Migrator services:

    service livedata-ui stop && service hivemigrator stop && service livedata-migrator stop
  2. Remove all Data Migrator components:

    Red Hat/CentOS
    yum remove -y hivemigrator.noarch livedata-migrator.noarch livedata-migrator-cli.noarch livedata-ui.noarch
    apt-get purge -y hivemigrator livedata-migrator livedata-migrator-cli livedata-ui
    SUSE 12
    zypper remove -y hivemigrator livedata-migrator livedata-ui && rpm -e livedata-migrator-cli
  3. (Optional) Delete all related directories:

    rm -rf /etc/wandisco/ui /etc/wandisco/hivemigrator /etc/wandisco/livedata-migrator /etc/wandisco/livedata-migrator-cli /var/run/hivemigrator /var/run/livedata-migrator /var/run/livedata-ui /var/log/wandisco/audit/ui /opt/wandisco/hive-migrator-hdi

    You may wish to archive these directories before deleting them. They often contain user-modified files such as configurations and logs that you may want to keep.

Next steps

Install Data Migrator.