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Version: 1.21.0


Trial license

Once installed, Data Migrator automatically begins a free 14-day trial, during which time you can migrate up to 5TB of data. The trial ends after 14 days, or when you reach the 5TB data transfer limit. At the end of the free trial, Data Migrator automatically upgrades to a usage-based license as long as you're connected to the WANdisco® Gateway. If the automatic upgrade fails, contact WANdisco and set up a license.

If you prefer to run with a fixed-cost license, see Enterprise license.

Usage-based licensing

Under a usage-based license, you connect each Data Migrator instance to the WANdisco Gateway server so that your data transfer usage can be tracked. The license automatically renews every 48 hours, so long as you're still connected to the WANdisco Gateway and migrating data.

How usage-based licensing works

Under a usage-based license, your data transfer usage is tracked as follows:

Every six hours, Data Migrator collects the following data for all instances and sends it to the WANdisco Gateway:

  • Total current transaction count for all Data Migrator instances
  • Total current kilobyte count for all Data Migrator instances
  • Number of connected Data Migrator instances

The WANdisco Gateway then stores the data to calculate your monthly billing.

You can also get an overview of your data usage and license expiry dates by going to the Usage page of the UI. From there, you can select a product from the Product Details panel to view more details.

If the connection to WANdisco Gateway is lost

If Data Migrator is unable to connect to the WANdisco Gateway server, you'll receive a notification email and a warning banner will appear in the UI. You'll be asked to check Data Migrator's connection to the WANdisco Gateway. For more information, see the knowledge base article Connect to WANdisco gateway.

Upgrade to a usage-based license

You'll automatically upgrade to a usage-based license once your trial ends. The following steps explain how to manually upgrade or renew a license through the UI. You might use these steps to alter your billing arrangements or move to a usage-based license before the end of your trial.

Upgrade your usage-based license in the UI

  1. Sign in to Data Migrator from your browser.
  2. Under Products, select the Data Migrator instance name. The default name is LDM - localhost.
  3. Under the configuration category on the menu, select Licensing.
  4. Under License Type, select Usage-Based License.
  5. Check the Gateway Connection Status on the WANdisco Gateway panel. The Gateway Connection Status should be "Successful". If it shows as "Unsuccessful", select Check Gateway. If this doesn't change the connection status, check your server's port access. For more information, see the knowledge base article Connect to WANdisco gateway.

    If you connect to the WANdisco Gateway before your free trial ends, the usage-based licensing status is shown as Inactive. The status will change to Active, usually a few hours after you change to a usage-based license.

  6. Request your usage-based license - Contact WANdisco.

Enterprise license

Upgrade to an enterprise license to continue using Data Migrator while paying a fixed cost for migrations.

Enterprise license costs and billing

Contact WANdisco to learn more about Data Migrator license pricing. If you're an Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer, check out the prices on the AWS Marketplace.

The cost of migrating different target filesystems varies depending on the cloud platform. For more information about the cost for each target filesystem, go to the following websites:

Upgrade to an enterprise license

These instructions explain upgrading or renewing a full license with either the UI or CLI:

Upgrade your license with the UI

Upload your new license in the License panel of the UI. This panel displays current license information, including the expiry date and warnings if your license limits are approaching.

  1. Sign in to Data Migrator from your browser.
  2. Under Products, select the Data Migrator instance name. The default name is LDM - localhost.
  3. Under Configuration, select Licensing.
  4. Select Enterprise License.
  5. Select Contact us and submit a request for an enterpise license.
  6. Once you get your license, make it available on your local machine.
  7. Upload your new license to the Data Migrator instance.
  8. Check Data Limit on the Licensing panel to confirm your new data limit.

We'll notify you when it's time to renew your license. You'll have a grace period of 7 days to renew your license. Otherwise, you won't be able to migrate additional data until you renew your license. You'll receive notifications on the UI and in emails from us 7 days and 2 days before your license expires.

Next steps

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