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Version: 1.19.1

Create a metadata migration

Metadata migrations transfer existing metadata, as well as any subsequent changes made to the source metadata (in the scope of the migration), while Hive Migrator keeps working.


If you are using MariaDB or MSSQL, add the JDBC driver to the classpath manually.

Create a metadata migration with the UI#


Ensure you have migrated the data for the databases and tables you want to migrate.

You need both the data and associated metadata before you can successfully run queries on migrated databases.

  1. On the Overview page, select Create a metadata migration.

  2. Enter a name for this migration.

  3. Select a source and target agent.

  4. Create patterns that match the databases and tables you want to migrate. Wildcards in the patterns can only use * for character(s) or | for multiple patterns. For example, test* for a database pattern matches any database with "test" at the beginning of its name, such as test01 or testdata. The pattern provenance*|*metadata matches names beginning with provenance and or ending in metadata. Do not use the following reserved database names for the database pattern: default, information_schema and cloudera_manager_metastore_canary_test_db.

  5. Select Create to start the metadata migration.