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Version: 1.18.1

Create a metadata migration

Migrations will transfer existing metadata, as well as any subsequent changes made to the source metadata (in its scope), while HiveMigrator keeps working.


If using MariaDB or MSSQL, the JDBC driver must be manually added to the classpath.

Create a metadata migration with the UI#


Ensure that you have migrated the data for the databases and tables that you want to migrate.

You need both the data and associated metadata before you can successfully run queries on migrated databases.

  1. On the dashboard, select to add a Hive migration.

  2. Provide a name for this migration.

  3. Choose a source and target agent.

  4. Create a database pattern and a table pattern based upon Hive DDL that will match the databases and tables you want to migrate.

    For example, using test* for the database pattern will match any database with "test" at the beginning of its name, such as test01, test02, test03.

  5. Click Create to start the metadata migration with the parameters provided.

Create a metadata migration with the CLI#

Migrate metadata from your source metastore to a target metastore using the hive migration command.

Define the source and target using the hive agent names, and apply the hive rule names to the migration.

Follow the command links to learn how to set the parameters and see examples.

  1. Create a new hive migration:

    hive migration add

    Apply the --auto-start parameter if you would like the migration to start right away.

  2. If you don't have auto-start enabled, manually start the migration:

    hive migration start