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Version: 1.18.1

Databricks metadata migration

LiveData Migrator supports metadata migration to Databricks Delta Lake. The feature is automatically enabled.

Creating a Databricks metadata agent with the UI#

To configure Databricks Delta Lake as a metadata agent, select Databricks in the Agent Type dropdown menu when connecting metastores with the UI.

Creating a Databricks metadata agent with the CLI#

Use the hive agent add databricks command to set up a Databricks agent in the CLI.

Example for remote Databricks agent
hive agent add databricks --name databricksAgent --jdbc-server-hostname  --jdbc-port 443 --jdbc-http-path sql/protocolv1/o/8445611123456789/0234-125567-testy978 --access-token daexamplefg123456789t6f0b57dfdtoken4 --file-system-id mys3bucket --default-fs-override dbfs: --fs-mount-point /mnt/mybucket --convert-to-delta --host --port 5552

See the command reference page for more information on how to configure Delta Lake and set up a metadata agent.