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Version: 1.18.1

API Reference

LiveData Migrator exposes a REST API for use by external clients. These API resources provide equivalent functionality to the commands described in the Command Reference except for the commands related to metadata migrations.

You can access the API documentation for LiveData Migrator directly on your host machine:


This version will reflect exactly the API exposed from your instance of LiveData Migrator.

LiveData Migrator Swagger Documentation

Access REST API documentation on your network#

LiveData Migrator's API documentation can only be viewed from the LDM host machine. This approach minimizes the risk of unauthorized access. However, if you need to access the documentation over your network, take the following steps:

  1. Open /etc/wandisco/livedata-migrator/
  2. Delete or comment out the server.address= line.
  3. Save the file changes.
  4. Restart the LiveData Migrator service to apply the change:
    systemd command
    systemctl restart livedata-migrator
    Older versions of Linux without systemd command
    service livedata-migrator restart
  5. Check that access to the documentation is now available on your network:
  6. (Optional) Once you have finished using the documentation, consider restoring the server.address entry to secure its access.

Metadata migrations#

Commands related to metadata migrations (such as hive agent, hive rule, hive migration) are serviced through a different REST API port.

Access the API documentation for metadata migrations on your host machine:

  1. Open /etc/wandisco/hivemigrator/application.yaml.
  2. Delete or comment out the line "server:" with a value of localhost or
  3. Save the file changes.
  4. Restart the Hive Migrator service to apply the change:
    service hivemigrator restart