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Version: 1.15.1

Upgrade LiveData Migrator

We recommend that you regularly upgrade LiveData Migrator so you can take advantage of new functionality and other improvements. To upgrade, run a newer version of the LiveData Migrator installer. The installer will upgrade your LiveData Migrator instance to the new version.

Before you upgrade#

Configuration files stay the same after upgrading, but configuration files from the new version are also added into the same folder on an RPM installation. These new configuration files have the extension .rpmsave, and are ignored by LiveData Migrator by default. You may compare them and copy changes across accordingly, or use the new files.

The upgrade automatically overwrites shell scripts (such as with the newer versions.


Do not change the value of the encrypted database password value for the UI in If the key changes, the LiveData UI will fail to start. When prompted on an Ubuntu system to keep the old file or use the new one from the installer, choose to keep the existing file to prevent this.

Obtain a new installer and upgrade LiveData Migrator#

Follow the installation instructions to obtain and run a new LiveData Migrator installer. This will upgrade your installed version to the latest.

LiveData Migrator conserves filesystems and migrations during an upgrade. Additionally, migrations in progress prior to the upgrade will continue as normal.


You may check the component versions of your current installation by running livedata-migrator --version on your LiveData Migrator host machine.

Next steps#

You can continue migrating data as before. Learn how to get started with LiveData Migrator as normal.