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Version: 1.15.1

Uninstall LiveData Migrator

Stop all active migrations#

Before uninstalling LiveData Migrator, stop all active migrations of data and/or metadata.

Uninstall any remote agents#

If you have deployed any remote agents (for target metastore connections), log in to the hosts for the remote agents and uninstall them using the following commands:

  1. Stop the service:

    service hivemigrator-remote-server stop
  2. Remove the remote server package:

    Red Hat/CentOS
    yum remove -y hivemigrator-remote-server.noarch
    apt-get purge -y hivemigrator-remote-server
    SUSE 12
    zypper remove -y hivemigrator-remote-server
  3. Delete all related directories:

    rm -rf /etc/wandisco/hivemigrator-remote-server /var/run/hivemigrator-remote-server

Uninstall LiveData Migrator#

  1. Stop all LiveData Migrator services:

    service livedata-ui stop && service hivemigrator stop && service livedata-migrator stop
  2. Remove all LiveData Migrator components:

    Red Hat/CentOS
    yum remove -y hivemigrator.noarch hivemigrator-azure-hdi.noarch livedata-migrator.noarch livedata-migrator-cli.noarch livedata-ui.noarch
    apt-get purge -y hivemigrator hivemigrator-azure-hdi livedata-migrator livedata-migrator-cli livedata-ui
    SUSE 12
    zypper remove -y hivemigrator hivemigrator-azure-hdi livedata-migrator livedata-ui && rpm -e livedata-migrator-cli
  3. Delete all related directories:

    rm -rf /etc/wandisco/ui /etc/wandisco/hivemigrator /var/run/hivemigrator /var/run/livedata-migrator /var/run/livedata-ui

Next Steps#

Install LiveData Migrator.