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Version: 1.15.1


The LiveData Migrator trial license includes 14 days operation and 5TB of data migration. This gives you full use of LiveData Migrator up to either of these limits.

Once you've reached the limit of your trial license, you'll need to upgrade to a full license to continue using LiveData Migrator. These instructions explain how to upgrade or renew a full license with either the UI or CLI.

License costs and billing#

Contact the WANdisco Sales team to learn more about LiveData Migrator license pricing, or AWS Marketplace if you are an Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer.

Target filesystems incur billing costs which vary depending on Cloud platform. Refer to the following links to learn the costs for each target filesystem.

Upgrade your license in the UI#

Upload your new license in the License panel of the UI. This panel displays current license information, including the expiry date, and warnings if your license limits are approaching.

  1. Click Upgrade License.

  2. Click the option to purchase a license now. Follow the provided instructions to get your license.

    Once your license has been sent, ensure it is available on your local machine.

  3. Upload your new license.

  4. Check the License Information window and ensure that your new data limit has been applied.


We'll notify you when it's time to renew your license. You'll have a grace period of 7 days to renew your license otherwise you won't be able to access LiveData Migrator until you renew the license. You'll receive notifications on the UI and in emails from us 7 days and 2 days prior to your license expiring.

Upgrade your license with the CLI#

Contact WANdisco to purchase a full license. Once you have your new license, use the following commands to upload the new license key to LiveData Migrator.

  1. Log in to the LiveData Migrator host.

  2. Log in to the LiveData Migrator CLI.

  3. Use the license show command to see details of your current LiveData Migrator license.

  4. Upload the new license key with the license upload command.

    license upload --path /user/hdfs/license.key

Next Steps#

You're ready to migrate data! Learn how to get started with LiveData Migrator.