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Version: 1.14.0

Uninstall and upgrade LiveData Migrator

We recommend that you regularly upgrade LiveData Migrator so you can take advantage of new functionality and other improvements. To upgrade, uninstall your current version and then install the new version.

The following steps explain how to uninstall LiveData Migrator and its components.


Backup any configuration files that you wish to save (located in /etc/wandisco) before uninstalling LiveData Migrator.

If you are installing a newer release afterward, note the details of any current migrations that you want to start again once the new version is installed.

Stop all active migrations#

Before uninstalling LiveData Migrator, stop all active migrations of data and/or metadata.

Uninstall any remote agents#

If you have deployed any remote agents (for target metastore connections), log in to the hosts for the remote agents and uninstall them using the following commands:

  1. Stop the service:

    service hivemigrator-remote-server stop
  2. Remove the remote server package:

    Red Hat/CentOS
    yum remove -y hivemigrator-remote-server.noarch
    apt-get purge -y hivemigrator-remote-server
    SUSE 12
    zypper remove -y hivemigrator-remote-server
  3. Delete all related directories:

    rm -rf /etc/wandisco/hivemigrator-remote-server /var/run/hivemigrator-remote-server

Uninstall LiveData Migrator#

  1. Stop all LiveData Migrator services:

    service livedata-ui stop && service hivemigrator stop && service livedata-migrator stop
  2. Remove all LiveData Migrator components:

    Red Hat/CentOS
    yum remove -y hivemigrator.noarch hivemigrator-azure-hdi.noarch livedata-migrator.noarch livedata-migrator-cli.noarch livedata-ui.noarch
    apt-get purge -y hivemigrator hivemigrator-azure-hdi livedata-migrator livedata-migrator-cli livedata-ui
    SUSE 12
    zypper remove -y hivemigrator hivemigrator-azure-hdi livedata-migrator livedata-ui && rpm -e livedata-migrator-cli
  3. Delete all related directories:

    rm -rf /etc/wandisco/ui /etc/wandisco/hivemigrator /var/run/hivemigrator /var/run/livedata-migrator /var/run/livedata-ui

Next Steps#

Install the latest version of LiveData Migrator.