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Version: 1.14.0

Install LiveData Migrator

Ready to install? Check the prerequisites and then follow these steps to get up and running with LiveData Migrator. The latest version of LiveData Migrator includes functionality that you can use to migrate metadata.


Do you have an older version already installed? If so, perform the steps in the Uninstall a previous release page first.

Check the component versions of your current installation by running livedata-migrator --version on your LiveData Migrator host machine.

Install LiveData Migrator#

  1. Install LiveData Migrator and upload to your chosen host. If you're migrating from Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), install LiveData Migrator on an edge node in the Hadoop cluster. Run the following installation command:

  2. Make the installation script executable and install as the root (or sudo) user. These commands assume that the installer is inside your working directory.

    chmod +x && ./
    Known Issue

    On CentOS 6, start the livedata-migrator and livedata-ui services manually using the following commands:

    initctl start livedata-migrator
    initctl start livedata-ui
  3. Check the service statuses with these commands:

    service livedata-migrator status
    service hivemigrator status
    service livedata-ui status

Default system users#

The default system user for the LiveData Migrator and LiveData UI services is hdfs, and the default system user for the HiveMigrator service is hive.

Configure system users if you want to change these defaults.

Next Steps#

Once you have LiveData Migrator running, you're ready to get started.